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Getting it right in pharmacy

12th Jul 2023
12:30 - 1:00pm (GMT)
12th Jul 2023
12:30 - 1:00pm (GMT)
Hosted on MedAll
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Join CVD nurses Michaela Nuttall RGN MSc and Joanne Has RN MSc with guest appearances on some webinars from David Okoro for a series of webinars on Blood Pressure

Delivered as a 40-minute bitesize webinar, all attendees can participate via chat (verification of HCP status needed), and certificates for CPD are available on submission of evaluation.

The webinar will be available on demand after the event and all registrants will be notified when it is published.

About Share The Pressure:

Share The Pressure has been developed as part of a joint initiative by Smart Health Solutions, The Race Equality Foundation and Younger Lives to raise awareness of raised blood pressure in Black African and Caribbean people, to encourage and support them to seek help for raised blood pressure and to promote shared decision making with healthcare professionals in managing raised blood pressure together.

How can it help my patients?‚Äč

Patients can take an assessment on a specially designed¬†website,¬†including¬†scientifically validated ‚Äėheart age‚Äô scores and receive a report¬†which¬†will contain evidence-based recommendations and advice underpinned by proven behaviour change techniques.¬†¬†The purpose of the whole¬†process¬†is to¬†help inform and prepare patients for their consultations, whether in person or remotely, and for shared decision making around managing their blood pressure.¬†Shared decision-making between patients and healthcare professionals¬†has been shown to support adherence to treatment plans and improves patient experience and outcomes.‚Ä謆Share The Pressure is designed to support that process

How can it help me?‚Äč

As well as benefitting your patients Share the Pressure provides a wealth of resources and tools to support healthcare professionals in the management of blood pressure. Share the Pressure also provides high quality learning opportunities to support your own continuing professional development and any revalidation requirements.

Find out more on our website by clicking here

About the Speakers:

Michaela Nuttall RGN MSc

Michaela is a Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist with a unique and varied experience across the NHS and beyond.

She developed her passion for prevention over 20 years ago and has worked within it ever since. In 2016 she left public health after working in the field for 16 years and now focuses on 3 main areas, as a Director for Smart Health Solutions, Associate in Nursing for C3 Collaborating for Health and Head of CVD Prevention at the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (Public Health England.

She is the Chair of the Health Care Committee of Heart UK and an invited member of both the Nurses and The Guidelines and Information working party of the British and Irish Hypertension Society, elected member of the Association of Cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Health Professional Education working party, on a variety of editorial boards and the Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum. Being a Trustee at PoTS UK keeps her firmly rooted in the challenges patients face in living with life-altering conditions.

Joanne Haws RN MSc

Joanne Haws is a cardiovascular specialist nurse and has worked in a variety of roles across primary and secondary care over the past 20 years. In 2010 she set up in business as an independent nurse consultant delivering clinical, educational and consultancy services to a number of NHS, charitable and commercial organisations across the UK.

As a former Clinical Lead for Education for Health, Joanne passionately believes in educating healthcare professionals to improve patient care. Joanne held the position of Chair of the Cardiovascular Nurse Leaders‚Äô (CVNL) Forum of the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society from 2010 ‚Äď 2012 and is the current Chair of the Nurses and Allied Health Professionals working Party of The British Hypertension Society.

She is also an Education Committee member of The European Society of Cardiology Council for Cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. Joanne sits on the Editorial Board of the General Practice Nurse (GPN) journal and has authored many publications in the nursing and cardiology press both in the UK and internationally.

Since 2015 Joanne has been actively involved in the transformation of Primary Care and the development of Primary Care Networks. She is a member of the National Association of Primary Care’s (NAPC) Primary Care Home Faculty and a Clinical Associate for South Norfolk Healthcare GP Provider Organisation.

Joanne recently returned to her roots as a Critical Care Nurse to help support the COVID-19 response.

David Okoro

David Okoro is an Education Consultant, Coach and Trainer who designs his own programmes and works with young people and adults in schools, colleges, universities, business and community organisations.

He is passionate about delivering a holistic training approach, incorporating wellbeing and physical health. In particular, David has a keen interest in mental health, especially amongst BAME communities.

David has delivered programmes to over one hundred thousand people in the UK and abroad.

David has also advised government departments (including Department for Communities and Local Government and Cabinet Office), and was a key contributor to the Reach Report. He is a school governor and use to run his own charity which provided scholarships, text books, exercise books and pencils for young people in West Africa (Sierra Leone and Nigeria).

David is the founder and director of Westside and Lewisham Young Leaders academies. Their role is to provide leadership and educational opportunities to young people, and raise their confidence and aspirations.

David was also the chairperson of the Anthony Walker Foundation (a charity promoting diversity and tackling hate crime), and was a director of the Nubian Times Newspaper.


Discover new insights and learn best practices for addressing Blood Pressure in the pharmacy setting with this live teaching session by CVD nurse Michaela Nuttall RGN MSc. Gain insight into how Share The Pressure, a joint initiative of Smart Health Solutions, The Race Equality Foundation and Younger Lives, can support shared decision making and improve patient experience, focusing on technique, Heart Age and the Blood Pressure service. Participate via chat (verification of HCP status needed) and gain a CPD certificate on submission of evaluation. Don't miss out on this invaluable learning opportunity.

Learning objectives

1. Identify the different elements of blood pressure management and shared decision making. 2. Recognize the disparities in blood pressure management in Black African and Caribbean communities. 3. Discuss the value of Share The Pressure in helping patients prepare for consultation, to engage in shared decision making and to adhere to treatment plans. 4. Explore the resources and tools available to healthcare professionals to support the management of blood pressure. 5. Assess the learning opportunities available to support continuing professional development and any revalidation requirements.
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12th Jul 2023
12:30 - 1:00pm (GMT)
Hosted on MedAll
Attendance certificate available
This event has ended. Similar events