This online teaching session is targeted towards medical professionals who have recently been unsuccessful when applying for a consultant post. The presenter explains that even though many candidates compete for the same job, those who have made a good impression with the organization and demonstrated that they are the best team player will have a better chance of getting hired. The presenter also emphasizes the necessity of reflecting positively on an unsuccessful interview and taking away feedback to make sure you don't make the same mistake next time. Lastly, the presenter shares tips on how to prepare for an unsuccessful interview, such as having other jobs lined up, and encourages the participants not to give up after an unsuccessful interview.
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Preparing you for your Consultant Interview, discussing:

  • Fellowships
  • Preparing your CV
  • Applications
  • Making the most of your pre-interview visits
  • The interview process
  • Recent interview experiences
  • Interview workshop- Break out groups
  • What happens if you don't get the job?


Learning objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Understand how to handle disappointment after receiving the result of an interview. 2. Reflect on their personal achievements and be proud of the successes achieved so far. 3. Realise the importance of attitude and personality when applying for a consultant post. 4. Evaluate their individual skillset in comparison with competitors in order to boost confidence. 5. Find ways to make initial impressions last and to ensure the interview starts before the interview process begins.
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uh, gone right to the end. Here we go. Yeah, so thanks, Kate, for inviting me to commiserates and congratulate you all on, uh, your performance today. So I'm going to give you a few tips on what to do when, like me, You're unsuccessful. At the, uh, the biggest day of your life. Like this guy. You are all world beaters in your specialty. Your profession. You will all have got multiple awards cracking, CVS. But you're just missing that one glorious chance of being holding up the trophy that you want. Which is that consultant post at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Oh, sorry. Um, Cambridge University Hospital. Oh, sorry. West of the hospital. Uh, whichever the post yet you gain for that is your world cup and, uh, you know, to have been shortlisted. Um, I don't know if you've been giving any facts and figures about how many candidates actually get shortlisted for certain jobs. So even in the shoulder and elbow world, I know that there were 45 candidates, uh, applied and short list of those four were shortlisted for a job in a district general hospital. Um, you know, and so you can imagine that when the big jobs come up in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital West Suffolk Hospital, those people are, you know, competing against loads and loads of serious contenders from across the UK so to just have been shortlisted. You've done seriously well and shows that you've got great potential and promise of being a consultant colleague. But when you do get that phone call because that's often the way that the, uh information is passed on to you is a phone call sometimes the same day, sometimes the day after. Uh, you will be told, uh, you know that you have been unsuccessful. The first thing to do is just reflect that, you know, as I've said to be shortlisted for that prestigious job, you've done extremely well. You are, you know, one of the top surgeons in UK, no matter what, Even if you didn't get that job, so be proud that you got there. Be kind to yourself. And when you get that message, be positive to the person delivering the message. Remember, they are only the messenger, and you never know. It may be that actually the job becomes available again because of various reasons that someone may pull out or that there may be a second job that suddenly turns up. And because you performed so well and were so polite, uh, in receiving the news, uh, they felt that actually, we want to give the job to you. So other reasons to be positive and not immediately negative is that there may be an opportunity come up at the same place a little bit later. But I think the most important thing to take away from the unsuccessful interview is feedback. And I think it's only an unsuccessful interview if you haven't learned about yourself. So whether you get the job or not, the the success is actually learning about yourself through the whole process. Uh uh, throughout the the interview itself. So the final thing I would say is that as soon as you get the result, um, don't dwell escape, make sure that you've organized something. Whatever is that you enjoy doing, whether it's going to play a game of five side football or chess or, uh, for a drink in the pub if you drink, Um, whatever it is that you enjoy doing, make sure you've booked something that's going to distract you, whether you you know what the result of the interview is going to be or not. Just have a distraction immediately. There a few questions. So I'm going to put on the see if the poll feature works get you all involved, so hopefully you can see the pole. Can you give me a nod, Kate, if you can see the pole. So which of these options do you think makes the optimal candidate for the employing organization? And Kate Rajiv, Niche Mike. All the other consultants on there? Erin, please do answer as well. It'll be interesting to know what you think. So is it the trainee with who's had a good training program and references? Is it be a good training program? Fellowship CV and references? See the locum consultant with the experience of greater than six months d substantive consultant experience greater than two years. And I think we got uh, yeah, we got total responses in Can you see on the sideline in the in the on your poll section. The results of that so interesting is there's a little bit of very and diversity in the the answers, and I wonder who put the substantive consultant with greater than two years experience. I wonder if that was actually the consultants who have got jobs. Um, but it, you know, basically the optimal candidate for the employing organization will will be variable depending on the organization and what it is that they're looking for. They're looking for the person, really the person that's going to suit them and be a team player. Ultimately, that's what I would hope you have taken from the day this afternoon. Is that the an organization is looking for a team player? They don't care if you in the interview. None of your surgical skills have been assessed at all. If you if you notice that you know, uh, all of the questions. It's all about you as a personality and what you are like as the reliable, um, team player. And I noticed that niche, Herodian put it in the answer about. You don't care about the in the chat about haircuts. It's about who's going to cover his on call if he has to suddenly take leave and and and that's what they're looking for. So the person that's probably going to have the most experience and idea about that is the substantive consultant with two years experience. But they may also be the most, uh, kind of at least of the team players because they've got a A certain expectation and attitude. So although they may have the best skills, they may not be the best fit. So if you're in the interviews, uh, situation, the reason why I put this up there is because lots of people try to work out who who's my competition, you know, or they're going to get the job and they immediately start downplaying themselves, uh, and perhaps don't perform on the day because they think that they they're up against better competition. Forget that even if you're up against the substantive consultant, you may be the best candidate for that job. So how to, you know, make sure that you're not the unsuccessful candidate, and, uh, Kate will have seen this on Twitter. Uh, in a response to what I said was that the interview starts before the interview. I'm sure you've heard it in the talk today that the whole interview process is a six is a six year process. It started day one of ST three training. To be honest, it's probably started at day one of when you were a medical student. If you happen to be a medical student there at that university hospital. If you were an F one f F two CT whenever you first impressions, they last. And you know if you make the right impressions. If you have, you know, gone out of your way to show that organization that you are the team player, then you have done the right preparation for your consultant interview. You. You know, you got to put in the hard yards right from the day one, not just at the time of the interview, which kind of moves on to the next question. Actually, the next poll, which is I can't see it. They it's gone. All right, anyway, what about Let's move on? Ideal number of fellowships. But can you Can you see the poll on there? Yeah, Nice one. OK, what do what do people think are the ideal number of friendships to prepare you for that consultant job? And once again, the reason why I put this up is to show what a spread there is. 21 responses and there's a split between one and other, and even to has got quite a fair amount of people voted for that. There's anyone who voted for other one to explain what they expand on. That answer. Yeah, gone, Kate, You're a meat. No, it's still on mute cake. All right, keep trying. And when she's a personal decision for each person is do what you need. Uh, it's about your experience and confidence and specific skill set. Oh, great. Sorry. It's in the message. Is is it okay? Yeah, absolutely. So it's it's horses for courses, is essentially it. And, uh, you know, you you be you you make sure that you get what you need. And like, for example, there may be circumstances when you know that there is a job coming up that you really, really want a consultant job. But maybe it's not going to happen at the exact time that you finish your fellowship. So you may want to have, uh, you may want to carry out a third fellowship For that reason, Uh, you know, I can give you a notable example of that being arm and members. Ada, one of your very own illustrious, uh, trainees craved around the region. Uh, but he he wanted Cambridge, and so he knew that there was a retirement coming up, but it wasn't timed for exactly after his first fellowship. Wasn't time for exactly after his second fellowship. So he did a third fellowship. Uh uh. You know, it was, you know, ready for the the timing of the consultant interview coming up. And so I was able to move from the third fellowship into the consultant job. But that's why I also put up the, uh, pole. Where are we, uh, about what's optimal for the organization. And where is Okay? Can you Kate, can you see the third pole? I've actually I've already done that. Sorry. Top trumps. So you know, in terms of why why might you have been unsuccessful is because you were up against someone who has prepared their whole life their whole career for that particular job. So even though you have got that the ultimate CV, you've done the best fellowships. If someone has demonstrated to the hospital the organization that they are going to cover all the on calls that they will do a one in three Saturday list, Uh, sacrifice for a Tuesday that that you know, they will be the preferred candidates. And so sometimes there isn't anything you can do about that. So don't think that, you know, you're, uh, not a good surgeon, that you're not worthy. It's just sometimes you you've come up, come up against MBA up, and you can imagine how messy felt after a couple of, uh, you know, he scored two goals, then the third goal, and then embarked still comes back and equalizes. But what he what he didn't do was give up. And even though they went to an injury time extra time, they went on two penalties. He never, ever gave up. And that's why I've got messy as their, uh, with his bitched. Is Kareem still on there? Hopefully, he appreciates the, uh, the best cloak, which none of the other Western media liked the fact that he was wearing that. But even if you're unsuccessful on the day, it will only make you stronger and better for the next interview. And so how can you have prepared for an unsuccessful interview is to make sure that you've got other jobs lined up as well so you will ultimately be wanting the one job. But in the back of your mind, you will know that because you can't be guaranteed it. You will have also lined up other jobs. So if you don't get the one that you want, then you might end up getting a locum post somewhere applying for a locum post. Because if you are in your fellowship stages and you think, What do I do next? I was gunning for this consultant Post didn't get the consultant post. The best thing you can do is show progression. And so a better way of progressing is to go to a locum position. And then from the local position, you will be able to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be a consultant and as niche put in the chat earlier as well. Try before you buy. You know, the organization gets to see what you what you were made of. I'm gonna stop talking, but well done, all of you for making it to the interview. Stage two, the Consultant interview stage for having passed your CCT for having passed your f r c s. Uh, you are still great surgeons. Uh, even if you don't get that that consultant job, which is highly sought off heads up, go for the next World Cup Back to you. I don't think our minds working. So how did everyone find it? Glad that you're doing it now. Rather than the day before the interview or the Yeah, that's the type of thing that we haven't thought about for a few years. Some of the stuff was kind of haven't thought about since ST three interviews. But I mean, do you think, uh, you would, uh, come to this again? If you if we run it again every year, would you come keep coming? Yeah, I think so. It highlights that there's a lot to the interviews, aren't there, And, um, you can't can't cover every question in just one session.