The National Student Ophthalmology Conference 2024



The National Student Ophthalmology Conference is the first and biggest student-led ophthalmology conference in the UK.

NSOC is a collaborative effort of students from across the UK and Ireland. This year our theme was 'Beyond boundaries: insights into global ophthalmic challenges and solutions'. The conference featured 7 guest lectures from expert doctors and surgeons in the field, as well as the opportunity for poster, oral presentation and creative arts competitions. We also, for the first time ever, featured an exciting virtual surgical skills workshop. NSOC 2024 had almost 250 attendees from across the UK and internationally, including students, doctors and other allied health care professionals.

We would like to thank all our speakers for their time and excellent presentations, congratulate the entrants and prize-winners of our competition, and we hope attendees enjoyed this eye-xciting day!

Look out for news on next years conference - NSOC 2025

Follow our instagram for updates: https://instagram.com/nat.student.ophthalmology


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