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Join us for an exciting on-demand teaching session diving deep into medical lesions, specifically the glenoid and humerus failures and their related issues. The instructor provides in-depth explanations and engages with participants to challenge their understanding of different implants and their properties. This interactive technical discussion will test your knowledge about clinical cases, surgical techniques and implant selection. Despite some technical audio issues during the session, it contains valuable educational content for all medical professionals keen on improving their practical understanding in this field. Come be a part of this stimulating discussion and elevate your skills and knowledge.
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Learning objectives

1. By the end of this session, learners will be able to identify and differentiate between various types of humerus implants, including their distinctive characteristics. 2. Learners will comprehend the various ways in which the humerus can fail, including aseptic loosening, infection, and mechanical failure. 3. Participants will be able to describe and discuss the Rocker horse phenomenon and its impact on the mechanical failure of implants. 4. The learners will be able to recognize different coatings on implants and comprehend their respective benefits and limitations. 5. The session aims to enhance the learner's troubleshooting ability in case of a technical glitch, enhancing their communication skills in a remote learning environment.
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OK. Right. Say uh when we left off, uh we were just, er, we've done glenoid, er, kind of failure. So, as we said, the main issue is really around either it being infected aseptically loose or it's a mechanical failure of the implant in terms of the Rocker horse phenomenon. Ok. So what about the humerus? How can the humerus fail? All right. So I put on three different implants there. Can anyone tell me the difference between, particularly the stemmed ones? Can you see anything different about the, the stems? Left? One looks like it's metal on metal. One is fully coated and one is just coated. One looks fenestrated, I guess for uh suture. I'm not sure why that is anyone else let Maria see if she can get her mic working? But I think is it, is it fully versus? Ok. Approximately, can anyone else see a difference between the stems? I think Maria's m thing is not working. So what I said was that one is just approximately coated. I still can't hear him and the other one is fully coated. Can you hear me? They just me? They can't hear me and, and II think it's just, you can, you, can you hear me? No, he can't hear anyone that's on the, oh, you can hear me here. Oh, I can't, I don't know where that is. Um, let me just check also on the left screen. Uh, these are humorous implants on the right one. These are stemless. Sorry about this. Yeah. Mm. So, my speakers are working. Can anyone else? Hey, me or we, we hear you, We hear you loud and tired. Do you hear of anybody? No, no. Ok. Um. Oh, you can hear me. That's good. Sherry. Ok. Um, all right. I don't know. Does anyone have any ideas how we're gonna get around that or do you want me to, what do you think is best for you, Ben? Do you want to? I can see the chat so I log in, log out. Kare says, ok, I'll try that. Bear with me.