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This on-demand teaching session is relevant to medical professionals and will provide them with tips and advice on how to navigate the application and job search process. They'll gain insight into research, education and leadership pathways, get answers to common interview questions, find out where to look for research projects and funding sources, information on team teaching and guidance about acquiring a leadership project. Participants will learn practical tips on creating a successful CV and putting their best foot forward in the job hunt.
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Learning objectives

Learning objectives: 1. Understand the difference between research, education and leadership tracks in the medical occupation process. 2. Learn how to outline a project idea and gain contact with a potential supervisor. 3. Learn how to answer interview questions related to projects and career aspirations. 4. Understand the various funding sources available for projects. 5. Understand the advantages and opportunities provided by a leadership or management track in a medical occupation.
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if the application, um my the application track and job the project, Talking about your project in the interview predicted so bit about the Cuban management, uh, education. Why I have the research online and just hits and tips on where you should be Occupation process. And then I'm very happy to answer any questions. And I've got some beeswax is at the end of July, really explore. So, um, I was always, ah, certain that I want to go into a research pathway. There's there's something I'm most interested in have the most experience in. Um, I had some work and was fortunate to present a few conferences. That's awesome. Amazing presentations back that my doctors and realize that this was a really powerful way. The difference, um, something to remember is that your interview Is there necessarily know where whether you had bragged search, education or leadership higher, they controlled your application and interview to what you have the most experience in, even if this is not what you want to pursue. Uh, this was certainly Drew last year. I know there have been some changes to the application this year, but especially if you take a multiple options on the application. Put a strong message for just one of those choices. When you be good, um, I go places within Northwest and Lyndon Diener. Ease. A big advantage of many of the places in Manchester is that you have flexibility to change between research, education and leadership quite late. Um, even if you start at a high one. So I she had a sensibility. So for to even transcripts to be in education leadership. Um, I think most points that this year um, however, found with other places, they were very restrictive, and some even have a very specific project that they want you to do. So you just need to look at each track to see the details that might be a portrait ready and waiting that you're possible, basically. And this is obviously more for anyone of both year as I know the final years, the better their fax week. Um, and I've just listed my track here seeking. See, I haven't entire colon period for research. Rather than engaging in program as you go, it'll remember. Don't just think about the S a p and I still a shin. Make sure you look at your other placement. Um, when ranking has, it's only 1/6 of your foundation training time. So it's really important that you break things that you think will injury. Um, in the peach, a hitch on the steak and academic clinical for the ships from a GP for the special interest in women's health. Friends it gynecology and be such. So it was important to me to have a key people clearing. Okay. Is there going on to the project? It's so as I'm sure this, you know, the SS projects me the focusing research education for leadership management. Uh, these are either integrated throughout the one or two years. It's it's own form of replacement and that way to or Mexico those to you on some placements, especially the education and leadership courses. Well, so overall, just fortifications alongside programs and sam also have funding available t four courses. Conference is not a sport that you could be relevant to your project. That's really cool. Um, yeah. So sorry. This is known that we live. You just wanted to bring anyone He wasn't sure. Speak full. I can't. Right. Okay. I'm going on to sort of talking about your Project NC. And as I said before you, either right be a point for projects that have already been decided. Well, you can be applying with a project in mind. This can be restricted to send. Specialty is in the hospital suggested check. If you are going to be the one to find the product yourself, it's really good to have an idea of a project on abroad. Outline of what it would entail on this. Doesn't need to be stupid to tell, Just said Get in April appreciation of what you want today. So I said, a research into how we can improve the experience that victims of sexual still have urine into the examinations. Um, it's also good to know where you want to do it, especially if there's something specific. Ah, I said the Sexual Assault Referral Center at ST Marys, because it's the largest stuck okay and has a reputation for research. It's also really good idea to make contact with someone at the institute. You wish to complete your project that, um and yeah, even if it's just one email so we're sending it makes me the pillow invested in the application. It looks good today I have established contact with and given Able department. Even better to say they're enthusiastic about collaborating. If you had a promising work, I just, uh yeah, shows that you'll you'll actually really invested in that. Oh, by the way, um, I think all these slides will be available. So don't worry if I'm going to fast, um, on some tracks will have redefined project Dean Aries will often have information on these projects on their website, uh, including the timing, whether it's that he is wonderful month placement. What the project tails, whether the project involve clinical time so soon will include going to print it once a week along side the research. So you just need to think about whether that's something interests you or you want a three time off on to. Do you research? Just research, um, and quantity details. Supervisor. It's good to be really a with the above details of a specific project if you're interested in it so you can talk about it. Um, and as I said before, it's great to make contact with the supervisor is very unlikely that they will be your interviewer, but again, it's safe. Make contact basically, ultimately almost of what they want. To see it in you isn't easy asset and evidence that you're shutting interest. So it looks good to have a coherent storyline to show that you're really interested. Um, when you're, uh, talking about your predicted, you, um I wrote a lot of the common interview questions and answers, said I felt prepared, including this one. Uh, it means that you're less likely to be easier for a journey into you, and you're looking, Um, I break this down, so I break my answer down into what the project is, what past experience I have in this area and how this relates my career aspirations. So, for example, the project I told about proving experienced that structure. So victims have joining examinations past experiences. So for me, it was present patients in prizes that last year G conferences. I've actually interesting, um, influence by experienced at medical school in hospital placements. Whether the record attention paid this areas, that was just showing why this was highlighted to pay on then my embassy and how Catholics and ordering the insulation enables me to have an ethical inappropriate approached that would be set both successful. And then I go want to talk about how this will be relevant to my future. Eso I said I had joined a steak academic Clinical fellowships from a GP with special interest women's help. Friends of Ground Close be such, which makes well. So going into more detail about what projects like themselves, and you have a dedicated actinic supervisor over. See what? Uh, in some programs, this is advocated to you and other one of those. Do you find your room? It's good to find a supervisor early, still out things like nickel approval. If that's needed, as that be, um, tricky just the last minute, Um, they're often opportunities to teach. Um, there's often scope. That's a few doctors in any of the three areas. Medical student. They're. Just because you're doing the PSA doesn't mean you can. It's full teaching. Um, I think that's something to really taking consideration when you think about whether you want to research what education on, that could be something that's weight. See, um, there's often late escape of publishing, and it's is, uh, this is encouraged and look spray on your CV. Feature. Jobs on also provides opportunities to network for a few drops. 20 area, um, on with the projects that you may need to acquire funding, just like And he said, We said predict and they're, ah, various ways you could do is this is just sort of three main ways. So the welcome trusts the National Institute for Health Research and also local Body's universities are the main sources for funding on. It's good Teo. Be aware of the source, the other interviews. This is not very common in to your question, but I can ask you about, um, how to go about a full, uh, recent project. Um, something to be aware of is that even after you're protected block or completed research, it's likely that you get back to write UPS submissions in the background of continuing placements. Um, if that's something you want to see, um, so it's not just a nice, elated block, and that doesn't that that can make you a bit busier. Um, if you have little basements falling on from your research replacements, and I used to be really put off by me search because I thought it was a lot of the lab and bookwork the conferences, I've seen many projects that really patient acres. Um, with some, even a billing patients themselves be part of the data collection. See, um, it's just not unity to try and make a difference, for the patients are just the ones in front of you, which I thought was okay. So I'm just going to talk a little bit about the leadership option on as I said I'm doing, um, use it research pathway. But I got in touch with one of mine. Doctor Charlotte Underwood. You just finished her at two at Bolton. Um, during the day. Okay. Um, so she did these books. This one here, um, see, on it was one day, every two weeks, one day a week and critical. So the leaders of a management is often more integrated into throughout the program rather than a separate book. And but also, that is incredibly variable. So the one itself it is is a separate isolated for that block. So you just have to look into what costal office work? Um, she was paid to do a leadership masters modular, actually. Invest be, um So that's something I was talking about with fast you qualification opportunities. Um She was also given an opportunity about education Team to look at the coding system CD and how crowded them Kurds that in conditions that there are problems with. Um, and then her main project was bad exception for reporting, which is how doctors report went in the world has been asked that on they get various things for this that's great by the new junior doctor contract. And as you can see here, they refuse things involved in that, like literature review, analysis of prior years, reports on then also recommendations. And she was published. So that's something to find a swell that something like leadership have management option doesn't stop you from publishing opportunities, etcetera. Um, it might actually be easier than publishing your own primary research, to be honest, um, and then she just talked a bit about reasons. The leadership, um, that's always relevant is Doctor, and we always need leaders leaders every day. Clinical practice. Um, yeah, I need from broken issues. Take a leadership rose on, but she's enjoyed it in the past, and also that is increasing. Important fresh the applications, which is something you're aware of as well. Um, and then going with the medication. Um, so this will look different on every track. So look into what they offer. Um, often, many opportunities. Associate it with this, but with medical students. And I know some attracts that I looked at with education included designing exam questions and osteo stations. That something you're interested in a good opportunity, um, then publishing opportunities going to measure. But medical education conferences. Many programs suggest a little for a PG, said medical education of the patients. Um, but just something to be aware of their aren't always is many posts and education and leadership and said She's your region wise big, um, if you are still yet. No, I'm just talking about why I excited about doing research. What wide recommend it. Um, engagement in research is expected. Part of being on that Should Doctor, um, you know, we're constantly still being told. Asked about what we said for engaging is expected for your annual review to have engaged in some kind of research. That may mean I'm doing a couple of border. Um, Andi, the protected time that you get enough to to do some really cool research. Lot of the time on gas for this on means that the the heat is IV, but the rest of the time, because you know that you're gonna be up to gauge the research, Um, on. But I also think it's a great opportunity to make a difference. Is enough one, um, you know most the time on the woods. Um, I'm really enjoying if one so far, But there is a lot of the time where you're just sore enacting what the senior has told you to do. Um, where is doing? You're in research. I think it's a great opportunity to you expound escape of your impact of the clinician, you know, beyond the patient there in front of you. Um, and then additionally Obviously, there's things that come along with us. So that publication's prizes conferences Good on your CT, Onda. Great. Especially applications in the future. So this is just a a another way to do that, which was really cool. Um, on. Then, protected time is a bit of it, right, and grew up in court. Time on you will have done, you know, a year of being a junior doctor by this point at least. Um and it allows you to have more of a 9 to 5 job, which is, um, which I'm sure will be pretty nice to have a bit of break. Some people choose to lake homes during the weekend, Girls. Yeah, you can just and, you know, do you want you feel comfortable with Onda? And I think having a bit of a 9 to 5 job first the, you know, four months now a good deal, right? So just going on two general heads on tips. One of the main bits of advice I can give you the moment is just a practice I know you got. Least think about the maintenance, especially finally is. And it's a really full and fine. But if you put the work in, it really helps. Um, they usually ask exactly the same interview suppressions do the same emergency presentations for those stations unless that's part is also 30 standard every year. Um, if that's something that that your delivery uses in the interviews, um, it means if you prepare, you have a really good chance and you don't have to leave your faith in the lap of the estate. God's, which I know is really stressful on So I I think if you you know, if you're thinking about it, getting getting to the practice, part of your preparation is really important. Um, and anyone looking to apply it to next year next year get loads of people to be Jul Whitespace questions when the time comes, I'm happy to help if anyone needs advice of these, And I put my contacts because I'd, um on. But I would also say you need you need to tell your application or a storyline, an interview, the project that make sense to you. They want Teo is all about creating a cartoon picture of your interviews to make them believe that you're on the right choice since they fair grounds for the program. Um, and they will be seeing so many interviews that day that you really want to stand out and be like, Yes, this is why I'm doing this. It makes sense with what I've done so far. Make sense with what I want to do. Is it the doctor? And they make sense for my future career. And then, in terms of when you're rested, he actually starts. Um, you, um have you need to contact your supervisor early is that sorting your project And if you can on also get those relation competences and portfolio sort of early and medical school. But yeah, she can get it down. As you know, school school fund. Just so prioritize things and be be on it. Every helps, Uh huh. And then, in terms of way, should be with your application. Um, if you if there's any times you have something to publish or present, then apply it even if this means that in the interview, you're saying I've been accepted for this full on, excited about present here It's really, really well saying, um, you know, always see for, like, the points for the application. It doesn't count if it hasn't been published. We have presented it yet for the interview is a different story, and also even for why Space questions. And it's well, um, and finally years. You'll have submitted your wife's based questions applications last week. But anyone in Alley is world of thing about this so early. I didn't think about the f B a c l E as this. So you have those the time to pick up things, keep an eye out or, you know, opportunities. Ask around for research opportunities. I'm trying, you know, present anything that you lost. 3%. You know, Paps and all that, um, present them published. Um, if you can get publications is the right and left and the BMJ any of that kind of stuff. It really, really helps on Ben. Also thinking about what you want your project to be a night contact. That's one of the main things. I think, um, because it looks really, really good. Bm say I have established contact with this person and they're excited about what? Okay, um, and then it turns off the interview. Um, prepare responses that into your questions is that all? Learn about a common A 80 presentations and management. The Oxford Clinical Handbook. Really, really good. The emergency section of the back. I just basically learned that in terms of the management and it's it's not learning, but you went He's in the future. I kind of really pretty peaceful Finals. I found it useful as ah f one starting. I used my age eat every single day, multiple times a day, especially one of the cool on So getting assaulted. Now is really, really valuable. And then also, if statistical analysis is requirement, few interviews. Um, Safelite London. It was me on, but then that got to speed on that. Okay, um, so open to any questions that anyone has about a stuffy, But also I'm just being a F one. Any questions about finals or so? If it specifically, those are just some books that I'd really recommend on General a 50 um, f e secrets for nine months, the interview questions. This is an excellent book that you will use for, um, doctor interviews who many years to come and show you, Um, if you need help with the south side of things. The the critical appraisal for the academic foundation program is very, very concise. I'm gives everything you need. Every 63. Yeah, but if you want a more detailed over for you to get a broad picture like you understand it awfully how to be the pain is also very good. So any questions anyone has very happy to answer? If people feel more comfortable asking over email for they want any advice or help with the prep and they Yeah, okay, because I can't see a chat or anything. So if anyone asked them that someone could read out, I don't think that impressions was grand. No worries. Yeah. I'll just put in the link to the feedback for me. Everybody. And you know, if anyone can just think that would be really helpful for March earlier. Um, yeah. Thank you. Everyone. Mistake. Thank you. Everyone, please do for the feedback. Hold your get some good recording from the sides later. Thank you so much. And that was really useful on our is it so Thank you, ISS.