Pathways to O&G training in the UK



This is a session for medical professionals interested in research collaboration, mentorship, and training opportunities in the United Kingdom. It's a webinar organized by the Surgical Interest Group of Africa and will be led by Doctor Shola who is currently training in the United Kingdom. He will offer an in-depth prospective of how to become a medical professional in the UK, including topics such as the application process, exams, interviews, and tips for showing commitment to the specialty. Additionally, Doctor Shola will be available to answer any specific questions medical professionals may have.
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Learning objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Identify the necessary qualifications for applying for medical training in the United Kingdom. 2. Explain how to demonstrate commitment to Obstetrics & Gynecology for UK medical training. 3. Describe and understand the process for the UK Medical Specialty Recruitment Assessment exam. 4. Identify and explain the various opportunities for medical education in Nigeria. 5. Outline the method for applying for medical training in the UK, including the application process, examinations, and interviews.
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Hello, everyone and on Everyone hear me? Yeah. On anybody hear me? Hello, guys. Hello. Yeah, a little tension a lot along here. Just I literally just woke up. Sorry about that. No, no, no, That's all right. Uh right. Yeah. Um, So I believe that everyone can hear me load up there. Um, currently, we have about nine people who have joined on my more more with join us so much she here that we'll be gone. Well, um, I'm going to introduce you to the but see pants off this webinar. Um all right, so, um Good evening, house. Sorry, that was starting a little bit late. Um, this's the surgical interest group of Africa on dry Group that is interested in, um, research collaboration. Mentorship of on trillion. Okay, um, these particular weaponize being organized by the offset tricks, anger and ecology, off department or team off Cigar. After such incredible Africa on today, we're going to be discussing with Doctor um, Shola, I really who is on one mg training in the United Kingdom. So he's going to be sharing with us. It's prospectively on, um, on the pathways off going to the United Kingdom for a medical personnel who has untrimmed in obstetrics, our gynecology. So, um, I'll be handing over the mic to him on is going to shares on experience how we got there then or that always. That's it, Um, the possible ways for people to get one get trained in the United Kingdom. And then if there any questions we can put the questions in the chart books on, then when he's doing his going through respond to such questions. All right, So, um, over to your doc, Thank you so much for doing this, you know? So hello on, everybody hear me? Okay. So, basically, um, like, doctorized incorrectly said my enemies, Um, the barrio I'm second year training office and going in the in England on basically Well, I moved from Nigeria 2018, and, um well, that's the better off in anywhere. I was working a stress. Great doctor. Trust. Good news, you know, is a non training job. You're just here to provide services, basically. So you would need a half about two years then after then applied for jobs and gynie on D locally for me. I got it. That's about we just got back three years ago. Office and ganging world reason are applied for jobs. And I was you know, the way you are doing medical school is in Nigeria and the weight 90 our medical practices, if you're working in a private, was between just have to do office. I'm gonna really taste, oversee section. Some people even do six section, you know, while in private hospital. So that already ignites that interests off one G while I was working in private hospitals in lingers. So that's the applied for AIDS on. I got it. So the process of application on also go about, see, Does he busy? You know, the emphasis on just this question for all training application in the UK, the requirement is quite similar. You need to do all the years you need to get get for for Yeah. Okay. Well, okay. You need to do audio. You need to get ah Oh, call Crest form, which is, you know, for people in Nigeria. You don't need to worry about that yet or you know, when you start a job in the you can't be trusted. You can get our signed. But some people apply directly from Nigeria. You know they're lucky to get it. So you may need to send your Crestor mean idea. Then the Christian can be downloaded from the website of which about from the royal collection of ARBs and gynie or from the gym. See websites you can download. It's we just should, as you've gone through the F one f two, Just give any concept and you work on that to feel that for you. So the application process is in our state three stages. You apply online. God, that is secondary to just write on exam. We called M S r A. So the exam is what MSIR we stand for more, especially these recruitment examples. Thanks, Sam is don't buy people applying for GP applying for that specialty as well. Like I think psychiatry and all of that. So it's not just specific to office and gaining, so you can write the exam on you to apply for a lot of specialty. So that's what the exam is only about. Then. After the exam, though, be an interview, which is well, during Cuvee they were doing it. They are online things, but now they do it face to face. So you're going to ask you questions on Dad brings me to the next stage of the You have you questions. You're gonna ask you. Basically, everybody's been no, almost the same thing that day. But your delivery are you deliver, I that actually matters. You know, I use confident while you're saying, you know, even if there's no not the most to show for it. But once you say confident, Long has the most impact. So they may ask you, what have you done in office and dining? So if you want to apply for jobs and going me, I think if you're 98 now where where you are, if there's any opportunity for you to do anything, I began the related maybe or deeds, you know. Oh, any research, any publication on didn't about what? Our all those victim between about weaning. Generally we don't pay so much attention to all these things like publication or D tunnel of that, And I know in in sites now, finally, they're actually things we can do. Why I was still in Nigeria, you know, real life since on wed on interesting cases that we just never thought of. It does right it at the case reports. You know, if you know, if I had known better diet and then now love report, there's so many case. Maybe I'll have a lot off citation in my name now and all of that. So those are the things we need to start walking on and then sitting, sitting, sitting is underlying portends aspect. You know, they try to look into so just what you can do. Teach him back which of our country you are. Now try and do the teaching on. You know, when you're teaching, try and get every day for the teaching you've done. Maybe you can get a certificate for whichever platform you're doing the teaching from They didn't give you a certificate, are you? You know you're involving Gene and all of that, or you get a feedback it document that feedback from the group you're teaching. I think people do this Google feedback from now which you can design and just send it to them to feel for you. You have done your archive. I just save me. Which you can use as evidence that any time to show that you've been involved in medical education start off. So that's that box it then, or deeds obviously want to see what are. You understand the process off audits, even if you've not done audits. But if you understand the process off Audis, they can still give you some school day. Like is know being is not the opportunity to do on what your she understands. What's audits until's on do is very king on doing one, so you can always look up. What oddities really about the it's you know, on on the exam on the interview day. Just tell them this is days I love love to do one both due to, you know, super of our reasons, you know, able to do on your kidney and green one when the opportunity is available. So that's that. Or did then, um, yeah, then your commitment to office and dining some people right there. MRC Oh, gee, Parts one before the application. Well, that can help in a way to put you at an advantage, though you've written your emergency department when you feel your king interesting office and gynie, but no rights and it doesn't mean you can't get the training. I have no reason. My in my city part. So when I wrote my you know, when I applied for the training, so I'm not treating the parts one on day. I still got the training, so he's No, it's not. A limiting factor is just General put you up on advantage. If you've written, it's on give you better ask or the interview. And there there are. There are ways to show your commitment to D specialty. Maybe if you're someone that walks in the specialty are the movements you got that they're currently working ups and gynie. If you've done anything office and got any related, you can always say in the abdomen these after under you know. So those are the things that can show your commitment to the specialty, and you ask you some general questions like research. You'll everybody do research. And what do you understand by research? You know things like that. They can ask you that as well, because researches it. Who says you're such is a maintain in obs and gone, you know, on do some people feel we're just taking people out off in a car duty and as I was just stopped when you are supposed to be providing clinic are, um you know, feeling they're using that clinic our time to do research. So you're taking them off the shuffle to do a reset so long to kick against these episodes. Good for the advancement of know earlier discoveries and all of that. So you need to be able to balance your arguments on third and why I think what is good and which is better. So it does that about, um, the oral interview? Basically. So I don't know what stage off, you know, training or where everybody is at the moment. Because whenever you are, no, it's gonna be different. What you need to be doing, I gonna be different from what? So Onglyza 19 needs to be drained, but I just give a general overview off. Are the interview on Are the application process usually goes the the that pushing the application process opens in November for people that are starts August the following year. So you have to plan yourself if you want. You know, whatever you and I found, you can already This is This is June. So you should be getting your application ready, or if you're gonna apply in this November. If you get you know everything ready your deeds? Yeah. Was the court you're teaching certificates and all those and should be getting them ready for the application when it's opens in August. And that's basically I'm not sure Covad's what you're expecting. Well, I'll just I'm sure some people who have some information about all of these already So if you have any specific question, don't want me to answer, so I don't have time to really prepare for these. I just finished night and all of that I love don't eat properly. Papuans were gone. Maybe. I don't know if this platform allows happens. Um, present a shin. So is not so much to talk about. You get both going if you're in the system or if you're in Nigeria. I'm sure you must already few things about the application process. So if you have any questions specifically that we can I am not a gator. Talk about it together. Now, you know, I don't really ever Oh, is Mr Doctor, I think at some specific questions for me to answer, you know, I'm wondering. Not be too to do that. All right, so Thanks. Thank you very much. Um, most of the people that are on the, um on the court, uh, are still in my journal, so we have the okay Saddam mix. See, that makes it a more uniform audience, then. Yes. So we have a mix off medical students. Okay, We have a medical officers. We have, um um residence. Oh. So from what I get you said for people in the UK after they finish foundation year one condition yet that's the gets document from the cause of town. They walked on that? No. Well, if you if people that in medical school in the UK Day usually don't need a form because drinking a phone after two, the Avonex convenience that I was sure that they don't have gone through things like that before. We I am G. Now. We didn't do our f one F two with them. Definitely. We need our form to shoot out. You know, it's just that alternatives to that was done. You know something? That's equivalent and we have the competency. You know, because of that, I just and I will have the competency that's required for someone has don't f one F two. You go. I mean everyone after he's just it's about similar to you asked my GPA basically. So we just need to sign that form. You can sign it while do you ask my sheep if you have your consultants or after you asked my sheep walking the private was between. You can give it to the empty of the private office between. So sign for you just need to take some boxes on Get on the sign. It's so all distant. Have this saying for people that are applying because they are true application points for ABS and going home and get training. This is the point that everybody stop out the level off ST one, which is the first year there's another point that I start. I'll be full year it. She's got ST three people that actually stop that told, yeah, people that have been maybe consultants back in 19 year old country like go a lot of people from Nigeria. That's, you know, stop them from that old yet you just start straight up as registrar. So some people do that on, uh, the application for starts in the ablation for starting directly at registered level is much more competitive. 91. 4 s t. One Because imagine people from Egypt people from India it does with you already have because for that you need to have publications you need to have done. Some research is you need to have done song and international present a shins as international conference is so that's much more competitive. Done starting application for the ST one. So for people doing a residency in Nigeria already thinking of coming to the UK on starting off training depends on what level depends on what level of training you are. The movements for you dot com so turns a lot of consultants a lot off senior registrars have come in to do you give them with our rights implant. They just do a lot This I am t e z I am I empty, I empty. I itches like is an initiative between gem C R C O g r. Searches the real college of office and gynie. So they come together on this point. So people from we have our country they are coming from, so those will come in to the UK, usually for two years. But after two years. Most people don't go back to there home, country, The purpose of the platform L c I So we put a crown on 11, 2 years. I go back to the country, but most people don't go back. They just start walking in the UK, got experience on got all their competencies. Competences means you need to do some instrument. That delivery you need to do, you know C section. You need to do some monitoring level of plus and time to have it documented. At that point, you definitely have your port for you, which is the r c o d portfolio Dash. It's just it's just an application, basically that track everything you've been doing. For example, if you do, if you do and proceed with the consultants, you can send up to go because oh, tonsils sign and are being a portfolio to shoot out you go. You can do down your own because if you're applying from that s t three lovely, I register on as a registered nurse on expectations are people, you know, one from you. So you should be able to do all those things, which, to be honest most and most of our senior registrars that come from that job actually very good at all. Those the only thing that most times that the struggle with is instrumental delivery, which is because sometimes they don't do it. Indigenous between was in Nigeria. But all that things. They are jolly and buy time to get an instrument that delivery. People know them, actually, because they've got more answers. Excuse. They are always better be there and so excuse and all of that. So it's quite, I would say, it's quite very straightforward for them. It's competitive as well. Applying from ST Three level. I've got a few college that done it on Dad. Ready? You know s t three. And the good thing for them as well is about by then, did Jenna ST three the following year after ST Tree, they can actually progress to instead of progressing just one year, I had after ST story sometimes this keep some years for them. You know, this person is quite experience on. They've got everything is on the, uh, portfolio to keep. Yes, So what we would have consultants in and yada thinking. Is it gonna be a long word for me again to start afresh and all of that sometimes the years you can spend if you get into the training into training on Concerta can be a stroke past 30 years. Because you can't keep a lot of years for you. Considering the fact that you've got experience, you go, Oh, you're requirements signed. So does that about people coming in from ST three. So number one is quite competitive but is not impossible. Um, number two for the you can start getting some evidence right now. A lot of our registry just situated casteu days, but I don't think they get evidence for it. You should add it's each so you can just get some evidence from Dan. You can Google form. You can do your you can give them paper from as well and just kind of keep it in your eye cloud or something for with that whenever you need it. So whatever we do is very important. We get evidence because sometimes what off mouths would not be north to say I've done this afternoon that so have any documented evidence go a long way on a friend a distant do that distance are trying to do a Nigeria, but we don't just documented somewhere. And you can also look around do or deeds. You know, Look at something that needs improvement. Your hospital on Do it as quality, prevent projects. So those are the things we can do which, you know, I think that you'd be straightforward, but because why? I went and yeah, everything gets too much information about them. We're really informed on information is key about getting information and walking on day. Know what he wants and just go for it. So, doctor, for people coming in from ST three level, Um, if there's any question from that angle from that points, then we can use it down. Ask me, maybe at the end or where we go along. Now let's go back to the ST one, which I came in True previously. I did. Lab got into you came through. The problem is then, like I said, yeah. Applied for the training. And, uh, I said that I had asked the stages you do your online applications, which usually opens up in November. Secondly, you do your memory, see which is a multi specialist recruitment assessment exam. You do that then go for the oral interview on at the end of the If you're successful, you just stayed on doube for blood. I medical school of the movements. Um, what I think we can be doing now? I'm not. There's something called intercollegiate. That program whereby you go out off the year to do my stars Also, Um oh, BSA rather they give you one year got Hello, Isaac. Hello. Hello way. Hello? Hello? Hello. But we got here. You, sir. Okay, you went frozen. Is that? Let me be sorry, baby. I love connection. Yes. So for many cars today, I think what they can be doing now as a medical student is wanting out. If I, you know, if I can do 20 time is my projects that did when I was in my community else as left foot, more more effort to eat on be very interesting projects that'll be more off than gang related or something I can actually published. Well, you know, as a medical student with us being touched areas between you could do something else simple as knowledge, attitude down, perception off women. A 10 minute test institution in Nigeria about in trying they're on contraception or a contraception. Just really like something I office and can be related. Oh, the quality off antimetastatic these in a patch areas between all the routine practice or Vantin it a clinic and touch your toes between angina. You know something? Look at something off the gang related and try and do it in the way that you can publish. That's publishable. Gets on us into research in the hospital. You are? I'm not. I don't know what you want to do. You know, get dressed properly. Get the research community involved on. Yeah, he's a very good opportunity to get the publishable, um, evidence as a medical students and also as a medical student. Obviously that shifting we do like president of medical student position, all of that thing trying to get it on, get the certificate for it because you don't know when you're gonna need it. Sometimes they will ask you what I leadership skills you've done that leadership activities you've done in the past on Are you sure are contributing for it. You know, you've been a general secretary or whatever your being in the medical center station or even your you know, in any organization that is being in being in too try. I have the certificate for eight on. Do you know that can also boost your school in the interview on by the medical student? I'm just thinking about things we could be doing that making our application for the training a lot easier on do improve our chances of survivor. Anything you're doing, just make sure you can get evidence, right? If your teaching your junior colleague may be your final Yeah. Did you inform your level you can give them feedback from just to feel for you and just keep it, as you know, evidence off the gene on, you know, things like that. Yeah. So that's that was medical today. If your other opportunity to go to international conference, this has got to present which ever walk, you don't go present it and on get certificate off presentation because, like, I have always least too much emphasis on evidence. Evidence is very important because he had a lot off. They relied largely on evidence. Sometimes you would of months Can't be, You know, be in north. You need to have everything for whatever you're doing, which is what? I was sick. And, um yeah, if there's any question anyone want to ask me, I'm not sure how this works, but I type it in the comments section or you can shout out there is the contract. Contact it in the chart book. Yeah. Oh, if you want to shop out, you can shut out, if possible. And, um, yeah, let's go to people that already medical officers, Now that planning to come to and you do labs and gynie. Yeah, One important thing I need to mention is that if you're applying for the first year entry for the ST one entry, one of the disqualifying carterizing, you must know are more than 24 month experience in office and going. So if you already walking in office and dining, you shouldn't have more than 24 months off experience in office and got the ones you have. More than that, you are no more allergic to apply from ST one. So you take about where you're going to do it without. I know a lot of us. I don't know. I won't but a lot of us working private hospital so that also doing office and getting that private was between Doesn't count us entire two years because you're not drink solely office and gonna use doing all sorts, but then specific training and Geodon you go more than 24 month experience in doctrine, you can apply for ST want anymore. You have to fly from ST three on both. So that's very put on for some off was that people have to interested in applying from ST one, which is the first year. Yeah, So I think I've given it just a little summary about what the application is only about, Um I don't think it's important to go into our training. He's at these movements because I think the talking is mostly is Milly. So you have any questions regarding that? Let me know. Isaac? Yes. Thank you so much. Just for clarity Proposes, Um, the process Definitely to enter into the UK You're going to you go through your club, the plug, your club, you know, or empty. You said the MTPs will cause all towns junior registrars on da Signorelli distress. So they would have got, like, a surgeon. Right? Training basically. And I think they've got a certain limit almost about through years. More than 2 to 3 years of experience in your training before you can come in through. And yeah, so even through diplomat or the empty I you get into the UK. Okay, so So one that gets in through their roots is that Is this that f f y too? Isn't it? Know if you come true. Plan? If you come from a lab, another book, um, troop lab. And they don't walking off Zidane Forced Prism. When I came in through club, my uti was was accident an emergency because at that point, we're just like any anything that comes our way. We just want to leave Nigeria. So before you buy gold was off and accident on emergency. So while during the accident on emergency or we have our specials, anybody gets you, Can you steal interested in obs and Gandhi? Why doing your whichever specialty you're drink? You could do your deeds to your sitting. Try and get your evidence as you're walking in that department you're walking on. When it's time to apply for jobs and gynie. Do you application? If you have time to write the MRC, you do. That's one. Why? Walking in on your last chance and you are walking. Become apply and write your parts one You know that will give you up with a plan edge during the application process. Yeah, so does it. You can walk in most time when people come in from 90 area the walk from the level in if like you. But when I came in, I started, You know, 61 like first year training equivalence in a runny, although is a non training job. Oh, they still call it like ST one, which is forced year training off. Yeah, I need so you can start in on on any compartments off. You know that you get because I'm back to countries. This thing, it just depends on you. Know what? Job gets started and the past man's beautiful CT while and walking in the department. You had your port for you. If the department is involved in any cure, I pee transferred to the lead. Maybe your comes up and now you want to do or deeds you want to do. Your I p means quality improvement projects on a lot of quality improvement project we can do for example, if we see that all distant are doing these departments, um does it we can change it to Mickey Better. You know, you can't put your consultants on music as a cue. I pee. That's quality improvement projects. So those are the things you can't do that boost your chances off, you know, in the application process. Oh, downsize a question. I stick. Yes, it does. Any foot a question. If there's a question on the in, the cat's box is from doctor lower mostly in. This is what pros and cons those Pattyn on every white rules, like city one in when you get your application. Wow does If if you if you're really interested in obs and dining if you're still in Nigeria. Onda Um uh huh. Is it through with thing Number one is advantage is that by then, you finish makes you know the most important thing is make sure you don't have more doctor and the four month experience if you're gonna apply at the level off, if you're going to start at a level of ST one meter, I do have more done 24 month experience. So if you're working in s f Y two are sitting on a one mg in the UK that give the advantage in during the interview that you know, you show your commitment to office and going by the five, but you're currently working in office and dining. And secondly, that was would give you an idea of how the department sees. I've seen a lot of people that you were interested in, um, in applying in green orbs and Ghani. But But it ended walking office and Ghani as city one. And if I too and they see how the job is, the judge decided. You know what? This is not for me. I'm living. I'm not doing it anymore. I'm going to GP, so that can give you an overview. Off are the departments is before you go in into training from training your first few months, we will make an impression about you. And I was going to go along with imagine, imagine as a as an ST want you you know how to do C sections. You already know how to do instrument that delivery which you must not length during your effort. If I to city job, you weren't you so is actually going to give you in a very huge starting points when you start your training and also to give you on edge when you're applying. Go after. But why? Walking in orangey you already know the kind off your dinner party system works out. Wanted departments works, so we have a question they are going to be asking you about the interview. It's also appeared to be able to give the kind of massage wants. So it's happy in the interview some reason to appear in the interview, and it will also help you. We actually started training it to appear loss because you will have understanding cyst thing. Love, Understand? Are they do the Artane's. You have understand a lot off things about the allergy itself. If I was a matter of fact, even our concert on a cigarette distress that it come from Nigeria through the MCL they actually start them are the liver off if I to 61 as well, because even though the Aveeno let's, they are excused because they're coming to a new system, starting at the register and level would be a bit off challenge today. So the journey started muddy because there s a choose senior services, which is 61. And if I too, So they started. My dad lived with that. I can't get used to the system on after a year. They them from a dental registrar level, which is, you know, understandable. At least they need to get used to the system if you know, they have all these cues and knowledge involved. So, yeah, does Is it good is gonna give you is going to give a very huge advantage on edge starting off Zanjani before going to training. But that being said, you know, everybody wants to leave $90. Each of our jobs comes out. We just want to get it go for it's on both transmitters. Was him to make it on any chest job every night, any just job open till next on our any chest wall. So that when you started training, because when you start training, people don't want to understand that your new in the UTI there's some level of expectation. When I started at ST One ST story, there's, um, expectation require from you. So our advice, even if you don't start from in or and she start from any department in any chest that's very, very important. Then there's some other questions. What specific advantage those rights in em are city Between Jaggi, I ask because I last many of my SRC attempts. It's yes, one of the criteria for coming to do the emcee. I'd I mentioned area Is that most everything? The MRC geoparks one. That's one of the criteria. I think that's why a lot off SRSR writing it so far to come through the empty I because I understand most of our scenery distrust the our families, their formula Man's you have, you know, they cannot read through your club route. It is. Sometimes I'm very demanding. No, I didn't have the knowledge quite hard ball. Yeah, just there's a lot of commitment. They don't have that time to start sitting down and start, you know, during orders about chemistry and told me and I love diet anymore. So going through NTI with diplomat root for them so they just country empty I But you only disadvantage off coming to empty eyes that throughout your standing okay, you can only work in office and I need because you came in through NTI with the common trip lab. One. If you're not interested in north again, again, you can go and walk in any. You can walk in medicine. You can do anything you want. So I think a lot of them still the way to if sometimes, you know, interested? Not gonna get it and just go to GP and things like that, but empty eyes. Very good. Uh, aren't you as well? And also they're applying True True ST. One writing your emergency department gives you on edge because I should. I really committed to the specialty. One of the things I want to see during the entire vision for the applying True ST one is to see your commitments through the, you know, through the specialty on if you've passed. Um, RCT parts one does, you know, does a huge sign that you're really committed to the specialty. If you have not written me, that doesn't mean, you know, get is normal, get anyone are blind. Anyway on as he got the training. So yeah, it does that about the MRC parts on question. Are you going Any other questions? Regional by sick would not Yes, Uh, thank you. So much for the off the time of the effort. Like doctor canes. I said, um, so just, like, just totally recover you. Do you divide it, reset their teens? That med Constance, um, Cory them to do? Um uh, Billy Idol on interconnected school allows it. That's yeah, doing masters. And also in something want you related. So what? What do you mean by what? What specific programs you think? No, no nurse really want the related? Because one thing I've noticed is is in whichever one of the things they ask in which of our department you're applying to You ask that you don't need master's if you don't masters the gifts call for dance. You've done this in tackle it a program the medical school does now that you can just take one year off and they give you a B, S, C and physiology Oh, BSE, Which of our the patterns, Or sometimes, if you obviously before starting medicine, that kind of will also give you some school is not doesn't say it is a 30 s history. You just you can always get some course, you know that place is which eventually a dog, But I'll just put you up on edge on the DC The integrated? Yes. See, Or your mouth battles You have to be want you to be on a bump it to do something that's gonna really irritable. It doesn't necessarily have to be. That's my body Basic bottom D My staff's part of the application. Okay, so, um, so, basically, if you can get a people that can have the masters, it doesn't matter. Even the mustache is from Nigeria, isn't it? That that shouldn't be a problem. I shouldn't be a problem. Okay. All right. So, um, a question was, the question that someone has is that your son works. Must be two for modern, 24 months green OBGYN, that kind of person directly apply for ST three longer qualifies wasted one. Yes, you can. You mean while in the UK or in Nigeria's in Nigeria? Uh huh. Not to be tricky, because it is the training post. Like a residency. Yeah, like a residency. A plan diet from Nigeria. I'm not sure I would work most good. I know that. Good. Est it three apply. Well, they're in the UK. They're coming through empty. I went there for Yeltsin, then the applying to go interested three most time. Most of them are s are nearly qualified consultants or even consultants. You know, in the I respective countries, I have no medicine that apply from Nigeria. Doubt it without any problem you can experience. I'm really end of that. That be said, it doesn't mean that is no impossible, you know, You know, that doesn't mean I possible, but, you know, just saying I've not seen anyone that has done that. All right. Um, thank you. Are there any more questions? So I'm just asking, uh, that are long. Does the training last from ST One. So, basically from ST one you get good through ST seven. It's ST One ST to ST three ST for ST five. Estes is on 57 but I mix it seven years now. The basic training you get all static, it of condition off training on. You're good to go. There are older people that spend more than several years, like maybe 10 years, for example. Down through do we said going to so especially straining doesn't know that. Then entirely, I didn't ask you about, uh, people without ready because it be complex, and it's more details, but the basic training that everybody can do it. So yes, then after I consultants, if we want to not go for that, I mean, you want to want to be specifically doing only if something part of the office and got the first time one between jobs gynecology want to be doing just infertility going to I'm not that type of training, which is it's unattractive. The is Well, that's, you know, we don't do that because it was the essence A lot of us want to do a bit off. Everything I know just focus on just one aspect. You got that end of the day. These UK doesn't really encourage a lot off that because I don't know everybody's any decent amounts. So why should I going to dance? Spend 10 year study in, you know, So that is really passionate about it that I did not discuss. I don't think I should go into now granted dream worse. Then, as you go along, you make your mind up where you want to do. All right. Also, I want to ask because there's a lot this love belief over here that I'm getting into, um, such specialties is usually very hot, like, much mastered that getting into a zombie actually get into post specialties like orangy surgery under it. That's his quite hot. So, um, is it extremely competitive for lesson? Nigerians get into one day treatment how you assess it a lot. Lots of Nigerians getting into tree or is just a few people out off the presented up life That's true ST one. Christie want the very good percentage off Nigerians. A polite get into the training Well, what I'll say is, obviously, any department you're going to get into this competition because a lot of people applying more than the job available. I think he's getting yourself prepared on getting yourself ready. I have a lot of Nigerians that into training into the training, and they got interesting one, so that shows that it is very achievable. Secondly, um, I was these the ridges like 31 anything, for example, like 500 jobs on 1500 before I play sometimes 2000 people. So it's like 3 to 4. You one, there's not a fairly I don't know how to put it on a scale of being competitive. What else is at he's doing? If you get all the things required, he's very, very doable out downsize the question because I can't really give a specific scale. Busoni, I think. Is there a shootout? Do the best. Judgmental eat is about to do it before you one basically okay. Yeah, that's it. All right, so animal animal questions. Okay, I think. Yeah. More question. All right, So, um, in the absence off questions, um, would like to thank you so much for sparing primary. Use those today based on the feedback. Okay, Our business, the feedback, Um, the we'll see if can schedule Amada. Okay, so it's like you miss it. Okay, so this is Thank you. Uh um, So, based on the response, this is find out between to get them all the decision 1000 people can. Yeah, before that, people can do the research that specific questions, You know, you can always answered them. Yeah, anytime. Just let me know. Even if it's just that signature, you can always talk about it, you know, catch ops. You walk about doing and take it from there. Yes. Uh huh. Concerns. You said medical students it will be good for them to do research for another med confidence. Anybody, everybody, every anybody research. What did? If you have any question, history, case reports, case reports bitty one of the things. That's quite because you see a lot of wealth cases in Nigeria, you know? But it's just that we don't have time for mission that we can actually drink. Report. I'm published These things also, you will sometimes care. Siris. You have cases that look alike. I after the for them. You can publish them together as a case series in journals on D. Yeah, Before you know, you're you put that forward US publication when doing your interview and people people at the party will be really impressed. Yeah, and it doesn't have to be just only you. You can't see what we thought our people on your name will be on it. That's really wonderful. Hey, had see golf. Um, we on the research and there's the participants here that are members way are already walking on research topics. Probably so, Or add some case reports through, uh, uh, publications. Very soon on we we actually had a similar will be in a so weeks back on on how to do clinical audits. So nice, nice, nice. That's really impressive. You know, I really which are these kind of platform when I was in Nigeria, you know, I because we had a lot of time, as many cars, two days, But we just we just playing around and all of that. So it is really impressive are these people are who is a good energy. What is a global village Now Everybody knows what's what is obtained. A boo in a part of the world on our become what we can do to give us ourselves competitive age to compete it ordered from what a part of the world on if you start drinking the area the better. You know, even if you're not doing it now. But on that stand in the process now, and I thought we'd get a d. You know which about what you were going to you to just jump start those into doing all of those things. Yeah. Nice. Well done. Thank you for you. Yes. Eso please. For the past 8 lbs, This there's a feedback form in the group chat. So this just take a moment to fill it out to let us know how session with it will help us prepare better for decisions. So once again, we think you looked oh, usual for Greece in, uh, our platform today. Thank you so much. Anything.