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Module II: Research problems, Objectives and Hypothesis with Dr. Inaam Nasrallah



Join this on-demand teaching session that delves into the critical aspects of formulating a research problem, defining objectives, and setting up a hypothesis. This session will provide a thorough explanation on how to select an effective research problem, how to make your research objective concrete and measurable, and how to predict and choose a hypothesis related to the research problem and objective. You will gain insights on problem selection based on your knowledge, interest, expertise, motivation, and subject of inquiry. The course will crucially touch on points including the steps to prepare a research process, main characteristics of a research problem, and proposals evaluations characteristics. This discourse is apt for those wanting to excel in their medical research activities. Don't miss out on this opportunity to refine and advance your research skills!
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Learning objectives

1. To understand the concept of a research problem and its importance in the overall research process. 2. To gain proficiency in selecting and defining a research problem based on knowledge, skills, interest, and expertise. 3. To learn how to formulate clear, relevant, and feasible research objectives that are measurable and time-bound. 4. To comprehend how to formulate a research hypothesis related to the defined research problem and objectives. 5. To understand how to evaluate a research proposal, keeping in mind the availability of resources, time constraints, and ethical considerations.
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OK, thank you. You can see my screen. Yes. So you know, so when you want to start, I'm ready. OK. And I send a message uh on the group. Yes. In, in two minutes we starting. OK, I am ready. Ahmad. OK. I can uh we can start. OK. So hello again. Good evening everybody today our topic talking about the research problem, objective and hypothesis. As uh you know, uh before we uh talk about the general uh research processes, how to prepare our research uh outlines of uh the research framework uh in this cigar. And now we want to talk about the main inputs concerning this research framework. Starting before to talk about the research problem. What you mean about the research problem, how to select our problem in order to uh have an effective outcome in this regard. Uh then how to uh define or, and how to determine the research objective in order to be more concrete and more measurable in this point. And finally how to uh uh uh predict or uh or how to uh you choose the hypothesis related for sure, for the research problem and the research object. So starting by research problem. What do you mean about research problem? Research problem can be as a kind of questions or as a kind of statement that research wanted to answer about a problem. OK, wanting to be solved. So it's the first and the most important problem in uh step in this uh uh progress and this uh problem uh research uh depend on several uh input uh uh in this regard. First of all your uh knowledge as a researcher that skills how to select and how to define this research problem. The interest of your research, the expertise in this regard, your motivation and your activity make on uh in uh in into consideration the respect of the subject of inquiry. Yeah, research problem. We have to uh to know and research program he remain in for uh for sure of the research. Good uh preparation. For example, uh definition problem uh a simple uh uh area of concern basis of the research uh study uh research program is very important. Yeah, I want you to prepare your research program clearly. You can then based on this research, you can develop your research objectives. Yeah. And, and if it your research program and if it's show him why I select this uh research a little uh for this research. But as I for sure, I can define the research objectives and can also formulate uh my or my research questions and especially I can easy design the methodology regarding this research problem research program base base all uh qualitative approach or quantitative approach or for example, uh uh as experiment uh uh Mas Salon Design with he very important objective a research program in as you see here, we have uh the different steps uh to prepare the research process. First of all, as you uh see here, formulating the research program never you can uh prepare your research program uh before formulating the research uh problem research program to the literature review, designing objectives hypo methodology. So research problem he very important in this point. So your main characteristic like research problem and I know what the uh proposal by the way research program here uh should be uh should be mentioned, proposal evaluation characteristics, dialogue, sure characteristic uh at this point. First of all, the clarity, yeah, a problem statement should be clear and she is more overlapping of the abroad language. But at home, a simple objectives that say hypothesis relevance. What I mean about re uh specific issue, a relevant issue within the scope of the study for sure issues in this point, feasibility who is very important problem, small facts, right? For example, that's called realistic and feasible to be investigated. A for sure, we have to take into account into consideration your availability uh the availability of your resources. Yeah, sure resources and I can access in this regard. He Aran and am have good uh collect the data, a experiment in this regard, a another um uh factors, for example, at different and ana limitations. Uh let's say we can talk about that time constraint in this uh uh points for into account ethical consideration is the the research problem, characteristic, characteristic. Very important and specific. A for sure. We, we, we read uh some research problem uh complex construct. Why? Very specific? Yeah, I mean uh definition for the uh research questions and the hypothesis research problem. But that specific why I select this kind of research? Because I have this dependent variable who we can be uh uh affect by s by more or the uh more than uh several uh uh independent variables. So a a correlation between them. OK. Significance. By the way, I I'm not a resource, by the way, has significant and importance about adult implication relevant. For example, a research program who were very important uh in uh at the field of the uh community uh society uh added the uh uh uh effective outcomes uh the academic field or uh uh medical field. Uh at what? So on a good selection for the research program to, to uh to define or to write your research problem, you have to answer yourself the following five. W what, what is your problem situation will into account uh this kind of problem? OK. What is the problem? Increasing masal rate, mortality causing by the CO PD, for example, so as an issue, I would challenge a problem, a very prone or can impact very high society. OK. A for sure, we uh we took uh this point into consider a lot of this problem. Where was the problem found? I know where very important to take uh uh into account uh nationally, very high uh positive outcomes or negative outcomes. Uh Good improvement. For example, the the medical field, academic field, experimental field, we have to take into uh uh account very important and problem population problem problem. Very important to take into account potential occurrence of this problem. Frequent uh uh uh me and very important to take into account recently, this kind of uh situations, this kind of issue. And we have to take into account, for example, as you know, uh last year we will uh uh issues disorders, functional disorder, a relationship between heal viruses, the immune system and so on. OK. Recent uh issue, a recent situation. Yeah, I uh uh yeah, I am interesting to have uh this uh research problem. Why, why a positive approach, negative approach? What I mean about positive approach good uh outcomes or effective outcomes uh problems uh protocols, let's say uh uh new uh policies in this point make change. Hey, why who will enter us? Who will implication with the importance reflect our society? My uh academic problem research problem. What I'm not on my researcher, Miss a and why do you uh select this research? Yeah, sure. A problem statement for this. Research, very important to define and to think deeply uh about this kind of questions. OK. A for sure how this big uh uh uh oh severe uh this problem, the research program solutions, our recommendations, like say. So uh let's uh ask you if you uh before uh talking about uh the uh others input in this cigar. If you have another uh uh uh any clarification point to, to be known about the research program, it's OK for you. My is we put you on the chart. So Ahmad he had a just recorded. Yes, one. Yes. OK. So I have the message. Let me see the Christopher. OK. OK. So uh briefly uh problem uh very important uh research as a proposal need. So for example, they will first uh proposal from my student. Uh um I asked them and no research program as a paragraph, dependent, variable, dependent independent variables. We are the research problem uh research object dial. I know that's why very important to mention. OK. Clearly this kind of uh uh research uh product. So Makina, what a selected a research problem. Very important the time resources available uh outcome availability yet. Well, let's see research program uh several dimensions. OK? Really has several dimensions, interaction with and uh good recommendations. For example, ask yourself, do you have enough time to answer by the end of your research uh on this uh research problem assessment, by the way, regardless as I can be a graduation, a literature review and research problem will object for hypothesis but interaction or correlation by why do uh uh do you uh uh mention this uh research problem resources available to answer or to find out uh the uh uh the uh result in this point measurement of uh concept? Why the A for sure. Yeah. Should indicator to should be measured the concept AKI for sure level of expertise, very important as we mentioned before. Knowledge existent uh information rated problem unknown. OK. Hey, very important availability of data. Yeah. And, and I had the problem uh most of the resource uh currently or recently uh no uh available data uh related or no available data research program had a pre assessment. Let us find that availability of data we we respect by the way the research of medical field. So make sure to follow the following steps in order to formulate your research problem. First of all of to you a medical field. OK, bro, bro, or specific our area, for example, and I'm interested to uh post uh uh some uh uh a research problem concerning the uh uh endocrina uh disorders for the uh patients, for example. OK. So is that yes, formulation five uh pay attention five. We let designed for your research questions, designed for your objectives. OK. A key to for sure you have to assess or to reevaluate your research problem. Yeah, I know what I'm double checking. Uh by asking yourself the five w by asking uh he an covering for all the characteristic and then and research problem uh very clear. OK. So research problem and uh when very easy can define my objectives, what I mean about research objective? This is objective. Who will and no, why I uh oh yeah, why uh I wanted to uh do this uh data collection. OK. Let the heel analysis. OK. He, he research problem. No, will be umbrella. Had that the two access. First of all, access, the aims of the, of my project, a, a goal of my research will objective who will become uh sub uh specific w answer this uh aim all this uh goals, right? So as a research object, a research objective, clear and statement, statement evaluation. OK? LA waste, medical waste management. B laboratory de uh departments, right? Heel evaluation. But what are the specific objectives or that uh uh for this evaluation and research objectives? OK. So as outlines and what I want you to be accomplished. OK. What I want you to be discovered. OK. Sure. And research objectives who will investigations to back on part of statistical studies, statistical study, let's say. But the uh uh uh uh uh uh gathering data that of elections, analys analysis, analysis, our research out expectations. But OK. Uh what we want you to be learned, what we want to be discovered through this research. OK. So as a research object So as you see here, what some research objectives, we have our supervisor that I do more than one. Nope, no measurable, no uh uh time a research problem for a research objective. Very important to ask myself, objected. Very clear, very clear, miserable. But my research objectives should be research objective. As you see here, we have several type of research objective. We pay attention, give the research objectives. Has you have to, to select your action verb or to the descriptive research objective? OK. Let's say what the had dependent and independent variables, research objective. What about the cross sectional study or longitudinal studies or comparative studies, independent of objective or let's say explanatory. And so maybe research objective several characteristic of at the same time who descriptive exploratory or descriptive explanative. Yes, a day before qualitative or quantitative or be my objectives. Research objectives is as you see here for ur they uh in your research, you have more than two objectives and had several objectives. OK. Pay attention objective hypothesis. We agree with you and two objectives sequencing and um research problem, right? But then put it deeply to ask uh why uh should uh uh uh uh go uh through this research problem? The truth, her research objectives assumptions prediction. Uh OK. So the best practice, the best practice objective objective, you should uh to pay attention to use action word, right? What about the she measurable? But you can based on um facts, right? Or based on data, data collecting. But you couldn't find the actual, I give you some example, for example, type type of causes uh evolution disease you ought to know. Ok. OK. Uh uh But they had the about to determine the prevalence to identify the type or the effect of the causes that objective sounding focus on measurable outcomes, research team or research group uh outcomes here related complications, comparative studies. Uh All she control. Oh let's say but the art, the art uh good research go into consideration by the way. And what are your measurable outcomes? Uh how to uh go or how to define these measurable outcomes through my research objectives? OK. But no uh will go to collect the data. Uh Otherwise, best practices that we have to take into consideration other uh other input. For example of the study priority is very important. Sometimes researchers uh research. So several objectors very really objective. OK. Research objective. OK. OK. Uh document, document your objective paper, write objective and we will see together later on with some examples uh with slides and objective RL. So let me answer now uh about the uh the priorities based on what the objectives priority. What do you consider at this point? OK. Yes, yes. OK. So we uh we uh we are waiting uh the answers from uh the audiences supra and priorities to select these kind of objectives. Exactly Christopher about your interest for uh what we re or realistic. OK. And this what else? What? No but no support, right. Priorities support availability of resources. Survey, right? Let's say survey implementation be most of the facilities because, but they access all data retrospective from uh uh the uh patients, the participants. OK. Is an experiment a availability of resources and C OK. What a proposal he capacity to follow uh all these objectives taking into account, let's say resources and uh Christopher, I'm interesting at this point and I'm I'm motivated. OK. Is it clear? Exactly right. Population uh we don't have resources, resources, proper equipment, let faculty of Pharmacy, the research master levels. Uh for most of the experiment objective, our students was let's say availability, collaboration, my other research labs uh with most of this sites section at this point. Uh vision as you know, vision is very important for the uh medic uh yeah, medicinal uh safe approach and survey related population. Her related physicians will population. OK. So uh objective, basically a health characteristically management is an academic or whatever, be smart, objective smart, but you couldn't start by action achievable based on uh facts, methodology, like data collection, relevant data or specific uh research for long term research about this uh study was conducted over two months between uh November, let's say and December, right? One year bill prior in. So finally, make sure to setting your clear and specific objective that align with what with your research goal. The research go who will achievable outcomes of research? Who will go, who will dig umbrella? OK? Who aro and long term objective and uh measurable uh objective, measurable actions the for in order to achieve the overall goal and objectives, individual goal, and you have to align your objective with the research goal. And so you can focus on your uh effort, you can focus on what very important, very important and the availability of your resources. OK. In order to collect right data uh uh in the cigar and for sure to address your recommendations. Yeah, and her recommendations. What into account the data collect a good p uh publishing recommendations. As you see here, the objective should be start with action ver as you see here to determine to find out to a certain to measure, to explore, to compare has a type of your research before exploratory explanatory comparative. OK? Of objective data analysis in your methodology part. OK. So research aim who will be good, who will for your study, who will become uh future destination for your research, by the way, research objective who and the specific measurable uh uh objectives to achieve uh this big goal that based on what data collection analysis, data collection, la Land. Hello, I uh share with you some example of this objective. For example, if you have a descriptive study in cigar. Uh for example, as you see here, I know but they opinions from employee about what about the medical facilities when hospital dispensaries. OK. Uh For example, I know uh had it yeah and had it specific but the action word OK. By the very important and is more specific objective, they know what all correlational but delayed. They do the the two variables, two variables and the variable who will in training, variable training who will employ your attention. But more dependent variable is more uh independent. Variable dependent will independently be for a training is an employee retention who will depend them get a train, employee retention, get as a bill. Uh The rec employee retention as bill, I mean dependent ri and the several independent correlation study at this point. More people are contesting an experiment by the way, be be assumption be hypothesis. For example, Z to ascertain if an increase in working hour, then I will increase the incidence of a drug uh abuse. So assumptions can and the very clear health objectives. A but this is a visit incident like drug abuse. Yes in you that has, for example, medi uh diet has among adults over 50 for for example, objective objectives, diet. Others, a comparative study can handle objective who comparative could compare compare health Metrix be similar objective uh similar group group. OK. Uh To spotlight, to document, to identify, OK, to identify she can participant in experiences by the arm is only a comparative study by the AM before and after and the group A group B is documented and us but it is no, but the M is a but the arm as is a certain change but change come in before and after. So as, as you see here is a clear uh three main object I can answer to my aim is OK. So, hypothesis mhm hypothesis hypothesis is very important to uh well the hypothesis and uh from one object that and two hypotheses and the two object if you come on one hypothesis, whatever. OK. That assumption, right. Assumption product statement. And if then the relationship between two elements, research two elements, right and two variables. So as a relationship between two variables, I want it to be formulated in order to address what the research questions. Assumptions. The research problem increasing grade be COVID-19 uh uh complications. OK? Over a relationship between COVID-19 complications and all to state pregnant woman from different. OK. But these such questions he had the hypothesis never, we can uh formulate the hypothesis before this such problem. Azim research problem problem had good assumption or good production for, for the, for the hypo. But the, but this review previous studies research problem e he thought he he proposal for example, the investigation investigation, exploratory with uh comparison. OK. Explanation and so on. But research uh hypotheses, research problem objectives, objective. A hypothesis is a cigar. OK. Ana into account had three parts of hypothesis. By the way, uh uh we talked about uh the scientific hypothesis first of all explanation. What do you mean about explanation? Yeah, it uh uh I want to explain what I want to explain the relationship or the correlation between these two variable and dependent variable with dependent variable, they expected outcome effect or impact had dependent variable. OK. Dependent, independent variable. OK. Let's see. And a uh uh employee productivity and uh decreasing uh bill productivity, productivity, expected outcome and dependent value, another variables can affect this dependent. Sure, sure, in an independent environment. So demographic characteristic for uh for example, and product as a masal B uh social uh issues, let's say productivity, female and uh I predict good answer uh meal, your colleague population independent variable, the OK. So as an as uh we discuss but the first part, the whole explanation explanation between the two variables, the dependent or dependent, dependent and independent you have to mention you have to define OK. And they had dependent who will outcome our result expected? I mean the studies, for example, here II mentioned about the experiment and the independent uh uh variable related or uh direct or indirect factors and factors or indirect factor in 90. By the way, hypo testing which Mobi analysis or Multivariate analysis is what the brate analysis. I uh II make some tests to show if I have significant association or correlation between the dependent variable and in independent variable as an B variant. 11, I want to test as Multivariate uh uh multi uh varied analysis. We're gonna hand it more than two, the independent variable considering to show if I have significant association with one dependent variable in. So uh good hypotheses, we have to ask the if then, yeah, and, and the assumption is an Obama correlation or relationship between two variables as we show. And uh then, but the product, product analysis make sure your hypothesis should uh reflect the relationship between do dependent value. But our assumptions are true for dependent V is an prediction of variable future. If will, let's uh let's say a uh a product of the employees. OK. On hypotheses of different association, non hypotheses, alternative hypotheses by the way, alternative, if no significant correlation for the significant association between OK, of association. Association is similar in this association statement with significant uh uh uh association of significant association in this uh in this uh one I give uh you some example in CCR for example, for the hypo of different as you see here, they hypothesis. But the truth statement, what, how they or significant difference, significant uh uh relation relationship between right ma significant difference which uh as significant difference between the ratio or the average performance of the student who is counseling and those who don't and the two groups and I'm sure sure is a difference by counseling. Perform productivity association is similar or two group of populations is uh will impact uh betray Obama prediction relationship between is a alternative uh significant relationship between this dependent and this dependent. By the way your research outcomes, rejection or acceptance objectives, accepted objective, another population rejection, pay attention. So uh to gain my uh our time uh three minutes in this regard, uh Any questions uh finally, how to write a good research hypothesis. Follow these steps. Hide the best practices, research problem, research problem, football, literature review, research problem. A uh the research questions are only but they had to do research objectives then research objectives. But the, but the arm I can't define or identify the dependent and independent variable in this, this uh dependent and dependent variable. OK. Hypothesis. Alex. It is a kind of uh hypo uh different hypothesis. No hypotheses, alternative hypotheses are normal kind of association that based on objective and they are dependent testing for more than this kind of hypothesis. OK. So uh any question I am ready Ahmed for uh answering any questions for uh from your uh uh colleagues. Indeed, if anyone has any questions, he can uh put it on the chat, hopefully to be uh all clear in cigar. Very important to talk uh uh and to uh uh study and to prepare uh uh uh more research problem or uh one the objects and the hypothesis had the objectives, had a, had a research problem, right? And the research problem. But OK. OK. Doctor uh thank you session. OK. So, so the hypos can be proved wrong in the end of the study. Uh Thank you very important. Let's say they in your studies expected result, they expected result. Uh Thank you, Christopher can thank you, Nash. Thank you for all, by the way. Thank you, Ahmed for your support. Thank you, doctor. Thank you. Uh I guess uh my other uh questions. OK. A chart, please. The feedback. So, OK. Uh and really feel free to uh to uh to send me any kind of question and maybe uh also uh some hypothesis to be connected. Uh let's say for the objectives. Uh is this Abdullah? Uh you said that that in some cases or the project can be refused because of their own population? OK. So uh sure. Uh exactly, let's say exactly population studies. Exactly. Plan B to avoid this kind of problem as she is small knowledge who attitude mean another population. What is the difference between the hypothesis of difference and alternative? Uh Exactly you are right. Alternative will, will expected. Um OK, I ask your questions. Most welcome Abdullah. Uh by the way, uh very important before research and the two parts parts, but do skills, right? Uh knowledge and experience with expertise but no formulation, prob research problem and formulation hypothesis and so on a collect data analysis data uh uh approach practice because I research and my team, by the way from A to Z A best research in we need it by the way. Yes doctor in. OK. So OK. Like doctor had a session today, uh, for you, for your support, uh, Ahmad and for your, uh, audiences in, uh, did have the screen or? Yeah.