How to run a first class medical conference - Michal Kawka and Kien Hang



This on-demand teaching session will cover the lessons learned from organizing a virtualflexible surgical society conference. The speakers will provide attendees with insight on how to plan an enjoyable and interesting event, develop a diverse speaker lineup, secure financial and technical support, promote the event effectively, and collect feedback for future conferences. By attending the session, medical professionals will gain valuable tips and tricks for running a successful virtual conference.
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Learning objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Identify personal interests to create a unique and interesting virtual conference. 2. Analyze the required skillset of your conference attendees. 3. Create a sponsor-friendly budget for your conference. 4. Learn about different promotion methods and graphical design best practices for virtual conferences. 5. Understand the importance of troubleshooting and interaction in virtual events.
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Hello and welcome to our talk on how to run the first class do then society conference. Ah, thank you very much to the metal team and fill for inviting us. My name is me. How I'm the Emperor College search but society co president and I'm joined by Key and who's the Uceris Logical Society vice president and a next conference director. And we're going to spend the next 10 minutes or so speaking about some of the lessons we've learned for organizing our flexion virtual conferences this year. Great, thank you. My car. There's a lot to cover on, hopefully words and narrow things down to a few topics. So just starting off with the conference planning itself. I'm thinking about the seems that you want your conference to be random. Lots of that, I'd say, downs your personal interests So you're not going to run a a conference as passionately, you know, interesting into this, I'd encourage you to really, really try and find your question about important issues, topical issues, information which aren't necessarily spoke about. This is really important, and it's a good way to highlight these issues for a conference on having an understanding of your audience. So knowing what? What will information that they would be interested in? There is a important factors there on the 50 of conference. Yeah, I totally agree. And for I think we just wanted to show that you can find a conference and absolutely anything, and you can find the conferences absolutely anything. But it's important that for you to enjoy the process, you just something that you're passionate about for our conference this year, which was the trauma conference we focused on control my surgery, but we gave it an additional education twist, and we wanted the delegates this year to get really good teaching out of it as well as some interesting like just. Yep. So for I noticed this year we ran out of one but reality surgery, and I sort of big, topical issues from things I find interesting myself. Um, all of that was essentially a way to explore these issues further or something which the medical curriculum doesn't necessarily. I'm talk about too much, so let's say you've already selected your theme and that you want to start planning your event. So usually conferences are centered around having speakers and having lecture. So thinking about your speaker line up and especially thinking about having a diverse speaker line up and especially virtual conferences, you can pretty much invite anyone and everyone. So having good diversity of people from different backgrounds really elevated conference and helps it be beneficial for the delegates. Ah, it's also very important to think about sponsorship quite early on, especially even for virtual events. There will be some costs possibly related to the software that you're gonna be using. That you my encore to having sponsorship will give you better financial flexibility down the line and thinking about it early, already pays off and finally closer to the actual offense, rehousing today and thinking about how things are going to run and what members of your committee you're gonna be responsible for, what things is very beneficial and having a full having a rehearsal. Well, I will allow you to identify possible areas that you haven't fought about and prevent having sort of nasty surprises on the day. So the next part off and planning to conferences promotion on Now things are virtual promotion essentially is quite key. Having a social media page for your conference using the social media pages and touch is attached to your society. Um, having that reach this is really important. Now that I think the old on virtually focus on design, I'd say design is also quite important. Having someone who's competent in using cambia and using illustrates up those do catch attention. And it does create traction for you event on keeping things simple. So having a title off the conference labeled as it is so that people know from the get go, what conference, what your conferences about and what things you're looking to explore today. Yeah, absolutely. I think just highlight focusing on the design. And, uh, perhaps when you're planning is, well, having someone on your team who's comfortable with graphical design Congar a long way and actually elevate your event and make it reach more people. So you're right in the day, and you can pretty much use any software to run over Chew a conference. We've listed some of the popular ones, and whichever software you use, I think it's very important to know how to troubleshoot it. Because in life, even if things have planned to, perfection, sometimes thinks go wrong. So having a Plan B and knowing how to troubleshoot one thing go wrong. It's very, very important. And again, different platforms will have different ways of handling that to just being very familiar with your technology so that technology is actually your friends and know your enemy and day quite important. And also, uh, because you lose an element of that interaction in a voucher event, actually, putting a lot of emphasis on it is quite important and having someone who will run the conference and interact with the delegates whether that's through a chuck function or just telling people what's gonna happen, informing them about what's coming up next, or any possible delays that will help things run smoothly, A completely agree that on even something as simple as handing the phone numbers to your speakers having the slides sent beforehand. Small things I got definitely help one today, So now you've run new conference, and hopefully it was a big success. It's time to handouts. Difficult steel leg. It's on DTaP's feedback. So medal do this fantastic service where they would make your stiff occult on Thank you so much. Feel where you support students societies with this, So if your back is really important to help with value and improve upon your conference, where the less a conference you're doing for the first time, or if it's the annual conference you're doing each year. Small improvements, which you can make you cross each year. That definitely does tell them that have an important future. Events on top of this feedback helps the handover. It's future committee. It's in using information and they the data you collected that helps improve upon your events on to make it bigger, successful next year. Absolutely, and our conferences run annually, but even then, every other are areas that we identify and are able to improve. And that's part of the reason that we're able to. I tried the same people to come again and again because every year we tried to do something different and slightly better. But even if you're doing your event for the first time, I think it's equally important to be able to collect that information about what was wrong and what went well and then reflecting that handed over. So just ending off with a few chips and tricks. So from personal experience, I say start early so we began around six months before the conference begun on that gives you time to contact sneakers in advance. Often the speakers or quite busy of their schedules, contacted them early. Gives them time to plan things in advance. Collaborates. I definitely say collaboration, collaboration, collaboration and you'll speak about this. But it's really important to try and collaborate with everyone on anyone. Eat. It's really good to network with people in this moment, but we'll say working together, mixing so much easier on Finally, they enjoy the process. It's a really stressful time, and it can get really stressful at times. But I'd say Enjoy it on. Do you do learn a lot from the experience? Yeah, absolutely. I think dese all connected together and sort of starting early and getting to know your team that you're gonna be working with and being able to identify what everybody wants to get over the experience will definitely make it more enjoyable in the end. So I think working together with your team, but also if external organizations with other societies can actually elevate your event to another level. Uh, so if that, uh, we're completing this very short run through through some of the tips we have to running a virtual surgical society conference, and you have our Twitter tags of our societies as well as our personal taxes on the screen. So if you have any questions, we be happy to be contacted.