FY1 Survival Guide: Preparing for FY1



This session will be on preparing for foundation year for medical professionals and will cover essential topics such as books, apps, podcasts, lifestyle things and paperwork that must be completed in order to start. We will also offer a certificate for attending and filling out the feedback form. In addition to going over practical tips like how to handle medical emergencies and what to do if a patient's systolic BP is greater than 200, we will also discuss useful apps like BNF, MichaelGuide, TalkSpace, MGDL, SmartDoctor, Oxford Medicine and Recess, which can be linked to a hospital's directory and will provide quick and easy access to extension numbers.
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Learning objectives

Learning Objectives 1. Identify the main resources available to F1 doctors preparing for FY1. 2. Explain how to use the BNF, Micro Guide, and Talk Space. 3. Use the correct clinical calculators and scoring systems to evaluate a patient’s condition. 4. Explain the range of useful apps available for FY1 doctors (e.g. Pocket Doctor, Bujku Medicine, Induction, and RECESS). 5. Summarize the key points from an emergency situation through use of the Oxygen Book for the Foundation Program.
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So we live now. Hi, everyone. Thank you for joining us for another event of the mind. A bleep f Y one Survival guide organized boy that in er January and myself hams up. We're both f I one doctors working at the True story and NHS Telford Trust in the West Midlands on the talk today will be on preparing for F y one. We shall be recording this session and it will be available on the metal page and the mind. The sleep YouTube channel is well, we also have a short feedback form at the end. It will be really helpful for us to know how these events are going on. But also in fitting out this feedback form, you'll get a certificate which will be useful for your portfolio. So please fill out the feedback forms at the end. Please remember to ask questions in the chat will ask Dr Chanin about those questions in the end. But I also be avail available during this presentation to answer your questions in the chat. Uh, so without waiting a posse on to Doctor the Heart Channel. Thank you. Hi, guys. Hum. Is it Can you hear me and see my screen. Oh, yes, I can no effect. So I Guiza's arm, the whole chain. You know, I'm one of the F one is working in the West Midlands. At the moment. A second Webinar and I have one survival guide Webinar Siris. And it's something paying for white one. Um, this weapon, I will be brief, but hopefully quite informative. Um, let you know the useful things to do when preparing for for one over the coming months. Without further ado, let's get started. So, in terms of the contents of this session, we're going to cover the useful resource is so books, APS, podcasts, Okay, things to buy. So essentially equipment you need for the job. Um, lifestyle things that come useful for one calls will cover some of the boring stuff. So things that paperwork that you need before starting, um I will go on things you can do to prepare for your first day a week. Um, and we'll summarize at the end. So in terms of useful books, the go to book for most you know, doctors in F y one is the oxygen hum book for the foundation program. What team Rain this, to be honest, is an essential staple of every junior doctors. Bookshop Shelf has chapters dedicated to paying for a fly. One life in the wards prescribing on more. You know, I've used this many times. It's got chapters on emergency situations. Um, you can keep it on you in your bag. If you're not sure, we put out and have a look. So just a zone example. We'll take the first page, a list of emergencies, so I'll pick on it runned, Um um, but sort of the Serbian. Yeah. I think some people are not managing to see your screen. Oh, they know. Yeah, I can see it, but yeah. So I Look, is that everyone in the child in my screen? Um, can some of you see the screen? Yeah, I think. Yeah. Some people able to see it, it might just be a few of them. Uh huh. Or go off present again. Come this, you know? Yeah, they can see it was good. Yeah. Yeah, they can all see it. Great. Okay, so we'll do. Is don't go back to the start again from the presentation. Um, we'll move up to the first green homes that can you let me know if people in the chat are saying they can't see the screen? We'll do. Okay. Thank you. Can people see that? Can you guys see it? Would you mind just putting a comment in the chart? Yeah, they can see it. They can see it. Great. So you guys have heard me. Okay. We'll just start from this slide. Um, yeah. So we discussed the oxygen. Um, but for the foundation program very useful free future in the M D U. Which cost 10 lbs. With wise, it's about 30 lbs. And Amazon, um, because you need to keep this on your old times. It's so useful. Just a Xanax. Ample. I was going to pick an emergency, so I think we settled on high potential. So you should say, if you're panicked, stressed, and you need a source of help, Okay, You can always call your seniors, but, um, here we go. Once you through to 88 to the approach. Anyway, check the airways. Peyton breathing. No respiratory effort called your esteem circulation. Know probable school. Your esteem. Disability. Jesus. Lessen. It called venous Test. Everything. You've been talking medical school okay. Uh huh. Defines it. So in emergencies, when the systolic BP is greater than 200 Well, the the starts on it BP is greater than 1. 20. Um, give you a practical tips like sitting the patient up staffing the patient 50 m Normally breathe musk if they're short of breath or their salts or less in 94% give you things to arrest. Full set of labs. C G. You're history examine gives you the examinations that you need to do with spiritually gospel up doing I okay tells you the blood tests are important. So fbc you Any TFT glucose cortisol on gives you a list of life threatening causes We all have learned to medical school? Well, no. But on the spot, when you're dealing with a patient with heart pretences emergency, you probably won't think of some of these. So thyrotoxic storm Cushing's reflex figure Fair promise? I told her preeclampsia. Okay, so it looks very useful. It's the go to book for most F once I recommend it. There's an alternative which is known as the hands on God for the foundation program. That's Brian adult world. That's a practical God foundation doctors with ticks from calls, including prescribing advice, has expanded sections on emergencies and psychiatric evaluations. It's slightly cheaper than the oxygen about 24 lbs. But I'm sorry again. I think we're having some technical difficulties with your microphone. We can still hear you. Yeah. Breaking down a bit. This is okay. That can you get me know we can kill you, but still breaking down a bit. Maybe. Might be. Is it plugged in correctly? Yeah, it is. Yeah. I could try connected my apples. See if that does any good. Yes. Please try. Sorry about the technical difficulties. Guys were working on it. Do you want to try and see if we can hear? You know, how is the older know is okay. It's much better now. Let me just ask them. Uh, is it is it that you guys are watching us? The old, you know? Yeah. You can hand me. Yes, we can hear you. Well, it's not breaking up. Hum. So you're You're on mute, I think. Can you hear me now? Um, I'll go ahead. I'm presenting. Good. Sorry for the technical difficulties, guys. Um, quite expected. Older. We moved. Yeah, Okay. In terms of some useful ups are just are just message comes or just to see I can't really hear so the order is better now. Can you hear me? I can hear us a mia. Yeah, Perfect. I'll just keep your messenger hum. Let me know if there's any problems. Okay. We'll do. Um okay, so you fill ups the B n f. It's a must know if one can go without it. It's free. Okay, You'll be using this on a daily basis, cause it really is a most going downloaded today. Micro guide. This could be linked to your trust to down little local guidelines. Guidelines can be downloaded directly to your phone via via, um, it's available in most her surgery centers on some DJ CHES, including our DTH. Currently. Okay, it's worth asking when you start. If the trustee is linked with Michael guard cause you can download it and all the guidelines go straight to the up and it's free. Some other useful ups include talk space. So this has a clinical toxicology data base of the UK National Poisons Information Service. Very useful. If you haven't am your CT job. Um, so you know, If you need the, you'll encounter patients. You've taken certain things. Certain poisons. If you're doing general medical on calls, you encounter these patients. Sometimes you'll encounter poison, which you're not fully familiar with. Um, having talk space on hand is really useful and finding the antidote quickly. That's free if you work within the NHS or within public health. England guys. Another useful, uh, which is American. But we use it in the UK is MG Coke. This is the leading reference for up to date clinical calculators. It saves a lot of time and hustle, especially when the radiologist won't accept your CTP a request because you don't have a breakdown of the P well, score. Okay, so, guys don't do this up. Um gives you the clinical calculators so things like Cockcroft go for gold formula for calculating e jafar accurately. Things like Chad vask Well, score on day so forth. Okay, gives you the full breakdown. Some of the useful ups okay, includes Smart Doctor. This provides quick, easy to access information on the emergency scenarios on including news calls and ask to see patients scenarios. It's 2 lbs 49 um, guys, I can't tell you. How many times is to save me? Um, on the ward's during on calls when the register busy on answering the bleep, Um, this could be your pocket doctor, as they say on give you some quick, easy, safe advice on how to handle an emergency situation when you're alone. Pocket doctors and alternative again this office distinct info and checks for the assessments of the deteriorating patient. It's a bit more expensive, only one that pound if rinse, which is monitoring. But I I think people generally tend to stay told Smart doctor. But if you want, you can download both and see which one you prefer. Some of the useful ups. Bujku medicine This is a quick reference of the investigation of management off comin hematology problems. So, for example, the patients got know neutrophils. What does that mean? What do I do to manage it? Okay, it's free. Don't load it now. Induction guys, This is another one of the most useful ups that I also use on a day to day basis. This can be linked to your hospital to give quick and easy access to extension phone numbers, allowing you to avoid switch when you know, there are there busiest. So, for example, 11 o'clock in the morning, some words that finished their water ounce everyone's phoning switch to make referrals. You want to call blood bank, you've got a patient. You want a group and save and cross match from whatever. Um, they're taking 15 minutes to answer. You don't load induction. You talkin blood bank when it's connected to your trust, I don't give you the extension on the straightaway. Boom Saves 15 minutes. Very useful. Okay, I recess. This is developed by Resuscitation Council UK, which are the organization who? The organization that developed the less course so Advanced Life Support course. This allows users to access the latest adult pediatric anaphylaxis algorithms without an Internet connection. Okay, we all know how unstable the hospital Internet connection WiFi is. This is useful. You don't need any of that. You could get the guidelines straight away. And there's a lot of situations. Guys I arrest is an alternative. This is more for cardiac arrests. It can act as a person assistant during college or scenarios. So giving step by step audio. Yeah. I was breaking down a bit. Uh, yeah, I'll just Um, is that okay? No, it's still breaking down. Well, Oh, no, no. Uh, no. It's still the same thing we should do. You want to give it a go? Yeah. Do you think there might be, like, some interference or around? I don't think so. Yeah. Give me a second, Guys. Seconds. Yeah. Sorry about the technical. Different difficulty size trying to fix it. Yeah. Yeah. Can you hear me know comes up? I can hear you, but still, uh, it's breaking apart. Is it? Yeah. I mean, we can still understand you is just like it's not very clear. I just delivered the talk anyway, on read. Yeah, I think we should just back on and then like, if there are any questions, we can answer it at the end. I'll speak slowly. Okay? Yeah. Okay. So I rest again. Access and personal assistant during cardiac arrest in orients you step by step guidance a little sort of active timer, and it's free. Some additional resource is the sharp scratch. BMJ student broadcast on Spotify gets practical advice, including death by once Cost of Corona podcast offers incoming advice for four ones Again. The 30 doctors are for their advice to new reference on the zero to final website the Don't be a smart ass Guardian article gives your life advice useful advice on how to be a safe one on blast, but not least the mindedly website for free webinars and articles. Guys, this is hands down. Your best resource wasn't coming out. 11 Here's a list of our webinar Siris So we've got 10 weather dollars. That's part of the F. I want survival guide Siris. Um, the first woman I was last week delivered by Sira. It was a former accountant time doctor, and it was on the f word won't contract. Okay, Next. Webinar leading on from today is on water, arms and documentation. I'm a little my house. The next one discharge letters, especially referrals. Very useful guys, you know, we're we're real scared of very to radiologist saw talking to the hematology consultant. This gives a step by step breakdown of how to handle those difficult referrals. There's also a session I understand the report for you to live by myself. Sessions on pain, finances, DNA, CPR, managing on calls on managing the deteriorating patients will be delivered by two medical registrars at the end of July. Okay, there's also the prepare for for one course, guys, this is an in person free event. There's identical courses. You have a poor London and Sheffield. It's simulation base with small group teaching. It's free on this free lunch and dinner. Last year, confidence enough. I want rose from 19% to 74%. It's almost sold out. For more information, visit mind of you dot com slash f. I want course, the older some useful equipment. A stethoscope. Okay, um, on the bleeding, recommend a little and three. I've got the cardiology Littman four. Um, it doesn't really matter which one you get if you're going to GP or specialized medicine. The lemon four can be quite useful because it does allow you to pick up those extra few sounds, but it's not essential. Okay, um, black pens. Lots of them on those. You'll be losing your pencil the time, guys. It's a running joke among doctors at your loose two pens a day. Um, and you know, people make you about pens. Um, you'll take other people's blood pains if you see him lying around because, you know it's so busy and hectic on the world's essentially God you need. You got pens by a pen torch. Some trust will have this in the induction pack. Don't use your phone. It come come across is a professional to some patients on And also the torture is a bit more narrow, so it's not as good as it at a listing. I reflects his guys. Um tendon hammer this. You know, on the ward, you will not find a tendon hammer. Trust me. Maybe on some of the show wards of the neurology wards. But guys have your intended hum. Um, keep it in your bug. Otherwise you won't come across form for Butch is always useful on a bachelor. If you don't have one, you can get one from HR. In terms of good things to get for your lifestyle during on calls, they're going to be very busy. You're gonna have difficulty sleeping. You want to ophthalmologist? Sleep because your circadian rhythm is gonna be completely throw it off. So things like a blackout seat mask it looks okay. Get a water bottle, fill it up, drinking throughout the day. Otherwise you'll be angry. Okay? You're gonna be dehydrated and ovary. At the end of the day, we don't want that pair of crocs comfortable trainers. You know, you don't want to be wearing your brother. Lot of the brown shoes on the warts. Guys might look good, but the end of the day, you feel you're going to get killing. Trust me. Go for the comfortable traders. Everyone wears the it's not seen a professional the slightest. Okay, um, power banks spare charging cables. This is because you're gonna be using your phone toe contact of the doctors you're going to be, you know, um, using the APS. So you're gonna be using a lot of charge. So having these on hand is always useful in terms of the boring stuff. Guys, this is all the documentation. And let's sort of unity it really? Before you started, she needed original national insurance number letter. You can get this one goes down. You can if you don't have one already. You know, vaccine letter for this, you can contact your GP, or you can contact occupational health of your medical school. Okay. Need proof of address times two. So things like utility bills, bank statements, um, for bank statements, You know, if you're desperate, you can go into your bank and get them to print it for you on the day they won't do it, okay, because they know that we need them For proof Address, you need a certificate of indemnity from the empty You're the MPs, as well as a passport or driving license to prove identity. A dbs difficult. In case your I mean sorry to, you know, show your criminal history or if you've had any cautions, most trust on that will be fine if you've got a few questions or whatever, but it's always good to have it on 100 declare, especially if you're working in healthcare. You need provisional registration with the GI on your original degrees. Difficult. So if you haven't already tried to register provisioning with the GMC, make sure you do that today. First day. Okay, you need to re cup. The important conditions aren't say 2 to 3 days before you know, if you're working on general surgery on you turned up on the first day and they ask you about 10 besides this and you don't know much about it. It's not gonna look good. Okay, so for general surgery, for example. Colecystitis, appendicitis, bowel obstruction. He's a baby. Basic things that you do know. Okay. On the same closure of specialties, you need to research the car, parked locations and changing room medications. And not before, just because the stuff carboxymaltose little is always packed. So you only to arrive approximately 30 minutes early. You know, first impressions are important. That consultant would like if you turn up late. Texas. What card? In your right ear organs. Introduce yourself to your new team. Okay, Ask for a patient list, divide jobs between juniors and start preparing patient notes. Mm. Second. Yeah, that's much better. Is that okay? Yeah. Great. Prepare patients. So when I say prepare patient notes, I mean, write down the name of the consultants leading wardrobe, write down the date and the time a problem list. What's the patient coming with? What they developed during this day, for example, in a cave. Okay. What? Their blood's and obs. That's all we need to do. And then the consult. It will come with you on. We'll see the patient, or if you're doing a soda water around, it's slightly different, and we'll cover that in Homs is around talk, okay? And your first week, you need to find out any useful door cards. Ask. Seniors were to access Internet guidelines or f Y one she cheats. Get your seniors bleeps or mobile numbers. Contact your clinical educational supervisor supervisors. My email. This is to arrange your initial meeting, which is a part of manage report of all your portfolio is okay. If you don't do things like this, your failure, okay, She need to email them. They can often take a week or two to apply because, you know, consultants to say, busy. Since that it replied, You've gotta chase that with a second, a male, or perhaps contact the secretary. Okay? Because if you don't have these meetings early, it's on you, and you could get in trouble. Okay, No trouble. Trouble. But you know it's gonna be an issue in terms of progression. Look here on you leave early on. Arrange any swaps. This is because you don't want to be the person who's having to take the day off here. And that for you when you leave because the water's short staffed. Okay. You want to have your annual even blocks so you can go away somewhere. Have a nice you know, a nice break from the ward's, um, doctor's book it early. So in your first week or two, you need to arrange an Aleve In summary, there's many useful resources. For if I won, including UPS books and pork us, make sure to prepare early, prepare essential equipment in good time, guys. Take a good break. Now I know. Discuss preparing for a four morning. I went in our series, but this is really the time for you guys to take a good break. You've learnt it. Okay, um and you probably won't get a break like this again unless you take it after a year. If your knowledge is rusty, have a brief read. Okay? You don't need to go overboard. Just, you know, have a quick glance of the important conditions you might come across on. Know the basics in terms of management. And finally guys have confidence and enjoy the process. You have all passed finals. You've done so well. You are here today because you deserve it. And you have the knowledge hand to do the job of enough one. Okay. You're really a house officer. if 11 once. So, um, enjoy the process on makes the memory's okay. That's the end of my presentation. Does anyone have any questions? So we don't have coming? Yeah, we don't have any questions so far in the chat. Uh, so you guys can start and some questions in the chart now. And why onto them? Uh, no. Heart is also put up the QR code. I'm putting the link in the chat for the feedback forms to get your certificate. Um, yeah, well, also, email slides over to you guys at the end. Uh, we have you. We'll get your email address through the feedback forms. So if there are any questions, please put them in the chart. So we have a question from re Sata. So she's asking, how much leave do we get? Ah, in F one. Each year goes, you get, you get nine days per rotation. Okay, so that totals 27 days. You can get extra days for things are working on bank holidays, so that counts is a day off in lieu, as long as you got a consultant to sign it off. Okay, um, you might get an extra day if you have to do some learning. Um, so our trust offer just offered us an extra day off because we had to spend the day before we started on during the learning. Okay, who should be contacted? Book our annual leaves and come, we do it now. Um, hum. So I'll let you answer that one. Yeah. Normally, in every rotation, they'll be a rotor coordinator. The rotor coordinator can vary from an admin stuff. So non clinical stuff to a clinical member of stuff, so usually is the registrar's. There'll be one of register on in each rotation who will approve, leave, but then obviously needs to go to get approved by consultant as well, and by the roto coordinator. So, uh, it's it's difficult to do it now because you're not at the hospital. You're not working there now, so you won't know who is the rotor coordinator unless you have friends already in this rotation and they can advise you about the email address. But if if you do have their contact details, you can send the request to them. I'm sure they will approve it, but it's just difficult to know who will be your rotor coordinator if you haven't started working, uh, in this hospital. Uh, so we have another question. The how of coming back to F one off 23 years out of medical school. Is it necessary to know everything in the Oxford Handbook of Medicine over the Oxford Handbook of Foundation Program? Um, to be honest, no one's going to know everything in the text book of the oxygen, um, become foundation program. I'd say the handbook of the foundation program is more appropriate to the sort of level we're working up. So if you're going to pick one of two, I'd pick the one for the foundation program. Um, but you don't need to go overboard. If you've taken three years out of medical school, have a recap of your notes go over your over the course conditions of the hard work. I don't know if the board Yeah, I think the oxygen and book of medicine is probably a bit too good. I don't think it be a Z Useful is the orcs would have like a foundation program. And to be honest, that that book is your best resource in terms of going over the conditions. So if you internatonal annual leave and work during that where you get paid for it or is that a compulsory, though? Is it compulsory to take annually? You You want me? Don't know. It's not compulsory to take annually. We've okay, some trusts will offer you will pay you to take away your annual ive days of pain with that make sense of the pay. You work on a day where you could be taking on your leave, but no trust operating that way. Um, yeah, I'd advise taking on your lead because you get full, you get full pay for it. But if you want to work during that, you can't on it. Does does depend on trust whether they will pay you. And it's no compulsory to take, you know, but just to add to that. So even though we have left, the European Union was still a daring to the European Union. A time directive work rules. So, uh, in terms of the hospital, they won't let you work more than 48 hours, uh, in Georgia for a week. And if you don't take your annually, then you decide to work on your annual leave. You you get paid on your base rate, you won't get paid for local MRI. Eso it will be like 11 or 12 lbs in our which is not a lot. So I will put that a wreck presently. Recognition Recommend taking your annually. How do you get the F one Oxford handbook from the MD? You? So I believe that's just signing up to the MD use. And it, Neil, you just sign up with the MD. You on it will arrive your frontal now posted to you. If your annual leave days are not used in one block, can they be transferred to the next block? This depends on your trust. I've tried doing this and it hasn't worked for me that said no. So it varies from place to place. I think most places like you to take your annual leave in your block. So you're nine days in your first block. Nine days in your second block. Nine isn't your third block. Just because if you take, say, two days off in your first block and then you try and pass over seven days and take 16 in your second block, that leaves that department understaffed. Um on the CD of that department won't be happy. Okay, so they tend to say no to that. Unfortunately, it's just the way off. One enough to works. Um, it's yes, it is difficult. It's it's difficult to take extended holidays. What you could do, though, is you can take, say, nine days of annual leave off in a block. And then if you've gotten one call, you can swap that with someone else just to get an extended bit of leave. If you want to go home for two weeks old, travel somewhere for two weeks. That's a way to work around that. But you do need to find someone to swap your own call because you can't put those off when you leave. Is that right, homes? Or do anything to add to that? Uh, yes, I I I agree. It's probably best not to try and get it transferred to another block, although in special circumstances they might allow one or two days. I know for me personally, they've allowed one or two days, but you have to be like has to be a good reason. Uh, like, for instance, that urine cove it like they were were really short of stuff on the respiratory ward, so they allowed me to transfer Onley one or two days of my annually to my next rotation. But as Neon said in general, uh, they won't let you and it's, uh, you can always swap your own calls or night shifts with other colleagues. Yeah, if you're sitting the PAS in September, how does that affect your baby? Your ability to prescribe in August. So from my understanding, And that's because I've got colleagues you're going through this process you can still prescribe because you're a doctor. Where the problem arises is if you haven't passed the PS PSA by the end of the year, you can't progress. TEF want to. Okay, so that's the only barrier with PSC Ham's. I believe if you haven't passed, appear so you can prescribe controlled drugs. Is that correct? That's right, although it would depend on the trust. So for us, it's true spree. They're allowing us allowing people have not passed, appear, say, to prescribe. And I believe that would be the case for most trust in the in the country. But it is trust dependent. But as Needle said, uh, you're okay for F one, it's just for F two. Uh, you need to pass. Appear, say, to progress. To become enough to doctor. Did you get your job contract checked by the B m E before you sent off your forms? I did. So I am a member of the B m A. On. Um, essentially, I just send them my contract on. They checked it for me and Rachel. It was compliant with the European working time directive. Um, it was really used for my contract was compliant, Fortunately, but if it's no, um, they will pick up on that and they will go get into contact with your trust. Essentially. Teo, find out why it's not compliant. I'm one of those. Will this let lecture be uploaded soon? My connection timed out. I missed the last nine minutes to rewatch, so it will take some time because there's video needs to buffer. So it's quite a big video. It won't be available today, but we'll try. Get it as from tomorrow or over the next few days. Is that all the questions? Think so. Any questions goes missed the answer to my question about you leave. What was the question about is it? If you intend not to take on your leave and work during that, you get paid for it or is it composed? Three to take on your B So and you leave is not compulsory. Some trust will pay you to take away your on your leave days. So if you wanna give him nine and you leave days and work on those days instead, they will pay you. But it does vary from trust to trust. Um, I would always recommend taking your on your leave and getting paid for it because you get full pay. But if you want to work junior annual leave because you love work that much, that's entirely up to you. It's also good to know that you guys, so we both want aware of this before starting. You can look, um, so what's probably best if you really want to work and make some money, you can actually book your annual leave and then locum during your annual leave and you'll get paid at higher rates, so I know in some places it's 30 found an hour. Instead of being paid your normal based rate off 11 or 12 lbs an hour, so I always just recommend taking your annual. If you want to work, make some more money. You can do that through local. It'll probably be beneficial for them. There's someone who's emailed about an email address for elective intrusive breeze, so I'm just trying to find this now. But we can go through the other questions. In the meantime. Yeah, all the way through them. So, um, my trust say's I'll get the contract on the starting day. Is that allowed as I won't be able to get it checked before 100? That really doesn't make sense because you can't be working. If you know, got a contract your first day. You have no sign the contract. So how can you be working? If that's the case, then I would recommend contacting the B m A. I'm getting them to get in touch with the trust so you can get your contract because that's a bit dodgy. In my opinion, what do you think comes up? Yeah, I agree. Yeah, contact the BMA if they're not gonna give you a contract. What are some leadership role that you can hold in the hospital as an F one F two trying to rack up CSTO anti points. Um, some of the big ones are like president of the doctors mess, um, local BMA rep. You can also set up something like a sport society and be the leader of that. As always, you get a consultant to sign it off. Um, don't count his leadership. Okay. You could also contact teaching organizations like mind the sleep, um, and ask if they've got any rules going around where you can. You can You can fill those roles if you've got certain skills that you can offer. Um, you know, organizations that mindedly would be happy to take you. So there's lots of options for leadership roles both in the hospital, on D through online organizations. Just send. Also, emails get in touch on D. Pretty similar. Gets about tea. Assad Abdelhamid side said, Do you need to have the lab values memorized before starting? No, you don't. When you get your results on the clinical portal, whatever system you have for getting bloods, it gives you the values, the ranges for normal and abnormal. So now you don't need to memorize love values. Uh, I can't locum as f ones. You can't. No Comes in F one on your bank so you can't sign it with an agency. Um, start looking at different trust. You could look about your hospital to fill shifts. That's entirely legal. Most trust operate that way. Um, see how you can go. Come on. Your hospital bank, which is essentially off to organization. How did you find the tub assessment process? Was it hard to get good feet? That's the top assessment process is an interesting one. You need to get 10 ft bucks, a couple from a from a consultant, a couple from colleagues, cup of nurses and other members of the MG T team. I found it quite difficult. I'm not going to lie. I had to contact a lot of different people. Um, but, you know, if you you know, being on the walls and then president and being hard working with your colleagues, you'll get good feedbacks all my feet bucks A really good. So I was happy with that. But sometimes it could be hard to chase consultants for feedback, for example. So I think that was my issue. Like to get a couple of the box from consultants, and none of them were applying. So if this is the case you can contact your clinical supervisor. You should be able to help you out with that sort of thing. And the top you consented to anyone? I mean, there are certain criteria in terms of their job title, but for consultants, it can be any consultant. So you will meet several consultants. Several F twos s h o Z Reg is lasting on calls and stuff, and it goes to show people do appreciate the job you're doing as an F one. It is a tough job. People do appreciate it. The difficulty congest be getting them to reply to the e mails because they're so busy. Uh, but once they get round to replying, they will fill out it's know how. Like they don't give you good feedback. Yeah. Any more questions? Guys, I think that's everything comes up. I think so. Guys, Sorry for the audio and, um, screen problems entirely unexpected. We'll have looking to it and make sure it doesn't happen again. So again, really sorry about that. But hopefully the presentation was useful. It will be uploaded to meddle on YouTube so if you haven't had a chance to watch all of it, you can come back to it. Okay? On again. I really appreciate it. If you feel it in some feet, buck, it enables us to figure out what went well, what didn't go so well on. Then we can improve his magical medical educators and make our future webinars better and more useful. So I really appreciate if you guys could fill in some people forms, but that's all from me. Thank you. Guys. Have anything to add? No. Just thank you for joining us. New Holland. I will send you guys that slides for the presentation as well. We'll get your email address through the feedback forms, so don't forget to fill out the feet backwards. Thank you, guys. Oh, one more question. Uh, how many hours would you suggest for a study during the program To be a breast. This is variable. So if you want to study for an exam, um, MOC smr cp, you need to put in a a few a few months. I mean, you can't see them are CPF one you sit enough to, but, um, a few months for those exams. Otherwise most F ones will do another hour or two a week. Would you say how much? No. No. Yeah. And now we're week. Uh, and Marcy? Yes, I know. They stopped prepping for least 2 to 3 months. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not like medical school you're studying every day. You'll be a very tight from the job. And a lot of times, you need to take rest to make sure you're, you know, ready for your next day and that you can provide the best patient care possible. So breast is very important during f y one on. You know, you don't need to be studying a lot of time. And if you're not sitting those exams like most F once more, uh, like, you know, the only things you do need to study that you don't get me wrong. You need to be aware of, like, common clinical scenarios. Be good at those. But then medical school is over now for you guys. So there is like, you're learning on the job. That and that's what kind of men. So you're learning on the job and you'll be really tired coming back home. So you have you have the afternoon to rest. You have the often into yourself. Uh, maybe if there are things you're not too sure about, it can read about it. But there's no, like four more assessment of knowledge doing it. One. Yeah, know region exam. That's what I meant. Perfect. Thank you, guys. Take care, everyone. Thank you. Much is then now an exam to take before specialty application interviews. Um, it depends on the specialty. So a lot off, So gp obs and gynie ophthalmology radio is you take. You have to take the multi specialty your equipment assessment. You take that enough to or whichever year your problem, you can take a half one because obviously you can't start the next year. So there is an exam to take for a lot of special trip application to use. If it's something like surgery, there isn't. You can pass the m r. C s. But it's not essential to getting a course surgical training post, for example. So basically, stick to Oxford handbook and get some rest. Don't overdo things. That's what I did. That's good advice. Uh, we have another question. How many hours there's an F one doctor work on average per month, including uncles weekends, etcetera. I can't calculate that. Um, so it depends on your road picture, but I think, uh, if you have, like, super numerary jobs, like pediatrics, I do you, uh, then it's basically nine till five. Monday till Friday. So you're 40 hours a week if it's super numerary. Um, otherwise, it can't really go beyond 48 hours a week. Um, unless you opt out of the European working time directive, I think that it could go up to 72 hours a week. So times that by four for your average come on and most trust because they need people to work, it will try Get the most out of these 48 hours, so it probably be 48 hours every week. Times four So voted hours times four. And that's how many hours you'll be working in a month if you're not an assumed super new job. So, uh, we have another question. What does super new new Marie mean supernumerary means essentially, you're not actually needed. So, you know, I needed for the department to run. So so certain supernumerary jobs include things. Uh, pediatrics, where you're mainly be learning through being an additional person to the team, whereas if you're working on something like, um, a cardiology, water or two medicine, you won't be super numerary. You'll be parking in. Patients will be part of the team doing doing the job running the department. A super new MRI means your additional. So they're also in post like I know one of my colleagues doing a history pathology posters enough one so she can actually add much to the department. She's mainly there for learning purposes, Um, and that's essentially what supernumerary means. It means it's quite a Children. It's probably gonna be 40 hours a week on will be learning through observations on teaching more than doing a natural job. Would you recommend opting out of the European time directive or not? Um, it depends on your personal situation. So I personally opted out of the European time directive because I wanted to work more Hours is a local, Um, if you are. You know, if you don't really want to come in to work on your days off and you don't want to welcome, you don't need the extra money. Um, and you really wanna work maximum 40 hours a week. Average the dough. Opt out with European Time directive. If you want a local, um, if you want to make money, you know the actual shifts. Then it's probably in your best interest or down. And I agree. Uh, so I've probably opt. Uh, I wouldn't opt out of the European time directive. And then, if you want to pick up shifts like, uh, just do them as local well, although I was kind of the same when I started, so I fought like I wanted to make a much money as possible, and I was thinking of opting up. But you'll soon realized that you'll be so tired that even 48 hours in a week, that's a lot. Okay, so we do recommend agree sticking to that. But obviously it's your personal decision is a pay different than when it's super numerary? Yes, so you won't get a banding so extra pay for all. Of course, the nights because you won't be working them. You'll be working on 25 most of the time, so you get paid your base rate. I think in the mirror. It's about 13 lbs in our times, eight hours for the day. Times four for the week. Yeah, How do you How do you opt out on what the pros and cons opt out by filling in a form which will trust what you mail you. The pros are you could work extra hours. So two things 70 miles a week when I'm rich, which will give you more money if you want a local and pick up lots of extra shifts. Um, the cons are if you opt out on, then the trust give you a rotor, which is may say, on average, 52 hours a week. You can't really argue against, um, you even though it's non compliant with the working time directive opted out. So some trust could potentially use that to make you work extra. So it depends. Do you opt out from each rotor independently? So if you do, does it apply for your whole left one so you can go I/O? You can often or no. So you just contact the road to department stuffing department. I hope that you know. So if you want to be in for one Joe out for another, then you can just switch it up. Any more questions? Guys? I think we'll call it a day. Homes are Can't see any new questions. Oh, you said so I/O for a week or a month. So in for a rotation, sir. Four months and then out for the next rotation again. Four months. Okay, think that's about it. So I'm just gonna post anything for the feedback form again. And thank you for joining us today. We'll email. This line's over to you guys. This recording will be available as well. And look out for more about talks delivered by needle in myself. Thank you, guys. Take care. Thank you.