Deaf Awareness Workshop - Alison Hendry (BSL Development Office, University of Edinburgh)



This workshop is an engaging and informative introduction to British Sign Language (BSL). Participants will learn about the 2015 Scottish parliamentary act which promotes BSL, the goals and actions of the 6-year national plan, regional variations in the language, and different types of deafness and visual impairment in Scotland. Led by a BSL Development Officer, the workshop provides attendees with the opportunity to ask questions, learn terminology and explore the visual and linguistic elements of BSL.
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Learning objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Recognize the historical and legal context of the British Sign Language (BSL) plan in Scotland. 2. Identify the purpose of the BSL plan and how it impacts deaf and VSL users. 3. Become familiar with the 10 long term goals of the University of White BSL plan and the 54 different associated actions. 4. Understand the grammar and structure of BSL and recognize regional variations. 5. Develop an understanding of the three types of BSL users and the appropriate terminology that should be used to describe them.
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on. I think we'll start the workshop. Now if everyone can just remember Teo, please try. And then Bruce, a screen on. Then I'll hand over to Allison to do are definitely in a sweat shop for us. Sorry. A listen and Bruce just want to stop you there. I think this sounds not on full. No, they are. We continue now. Thank you. Right. Burr? Fine. As it's sorry, one will start again. We'll just go back to the start again. Politics. Fact. Right. So just to see that, you know if you can Good morning, India. Thanks for turning up there. And also, if you can meet your maker forms, that would be great. Just do it. Just interrupt the voice over here. It will start again. Since the megaphone was off is a beautiful day outside. So thank you very much for coming on, but hopefully it's a nice day. Where you are is no. And I'm going to Ah, short presentation with regards to be a cell awareness on. Hopefully you find it useful so you can see me signing. But obviously the voice is completely different. So I'm working with Bruce, who is an interpreter and you can see him. I think he's down there on the bottom right hand corner. But hopefully you can see me. Okay. Okay. So I just want to give you Ah, uh, an opportunity. Any point. You ask me any questions with regards to be a sale and definitely this there. There's theories that you can do. This one is you got this in the chat, and we can see that little on on if if there's anything you want to, um, ask, you don't run into it. You can use the menti dot com site. And if you enter that cord, then you can ask him any questions there. And we can I'll look at them later on and the end, or equate to the end and ask questions that so please, there's anything there anything you want to ask? There's not noticing that you requested. Okay. So just, uh, brief interaction to myself. I'm out in the Henry. I'm the same language development officer at the university of a number, and I've been there for a few years. No, actually. So I started in October 2019, and I can't believe how quick time has gone, but I'm I'm beast. The Health and Wellbeing Center A the central campus s So that's that's what I am. No, I'm working under the student Disability services team, but my role is University of Weight cover most of the university I of responsibilities for the the universities flushed BSL plant and we'll explain a blood, but but in the throne. So just before I going to talk about the Bs or plan and if if I go back a few years. But basically in 2015, there was a thought of fact. Prior to that, there was a bill that was placed into Scott much parliament, looking to improve access for people who were. You're def and VSL users. So in 2015 September 2015, that bill was acted on past and it was a fantastic the and it was actually amazing the for the deaf audience. It was actually worth doing that. That act is only does only cover Scotland that doesn't cover England or Northern Ireland Wales at all. However, I think some people might know that in a moment they're currently going through the reading in parliament for their VSL bill, which seems to be quite. It seems to be going quite well, and hopefully that will be recognized or enact. It's pastor's well with the active. It was passed in. Scotland is purely just for Scotland. So what does that cover know? It means that there are scars, ministers of guns, the responsibility to promote the same language because a lot off people think that BSL link it. So the Link BSL with this ability and that's not the case and it is basically be a sale is focus is as a language, and that's where they're promoting it. And Scotland discussed government. The cells have bean released and a six year national plan 2017 to 2023 and that that basically covers just said the whole of Scotland on the national, for example, national Health boards, a local councils. And that's for the first six years on the local plans to themselves. If example, all the different public bodies have to create their own own plants. For example, colleges, universities and health boards councils then developed the implants looking at their own local area. So and again that is a six year plan, so that runs from 2018 to 2024. The purpose of the the plan is just to be sure that Scotland is the best place for BSO users to live. Work on t visit on to learn. So it's a wide remit off different areas off life. So, for example, from duff to death right through Detroit, from what same language or death VSL users. So jumping forward to the BSO plan, especially here for the university. We, um uh, blister the plan in the six year plan in 2018 that both and it said to take us to 2024 on the University of White Document. There are, they're they're 10 long term goals, for example, employment and wellbeing education. Uh huh. All together, there's about 54 different options. So, for example, to make sure that any information that Z a written English or written language has lated into same language, be may be given the options to, for example, give options everything in same language that people can get access work. And so there's all these different different actions A Z I mentioned prior. So this plan is to make sure that the university is a is more accessible is accessible for people who are definite, so users. So I've been brought in as the development officer, the BSL development officer, and my role is basically the first rule in the whole of Scotland. In fact, probably the whole of the UK. We don't think there's any equivalent in universities and colleges from the UK and, um, look up the load the Rangers here. So I think the rule itself in Scottish government in the Scottish Parliament have one. But with regards to education, there's not this. Also, I have to, I think, congratulate and Emory University for that commitment to. So we talked about beer sale, their plans and what what is BSL be a sole of C stands for but the same language and that covers it was recognized in 2003 nationally, not legally accepted, So BSL is one of the the four languages here in Scotland. It has its own grammar. It's one structure. It's owned the cowboy. So it's you can't write yourself, obviously, because it's ah, it's a visual language and we've got the on the slaves because some examples off how in English and BSL, the structure of English is written So, for example, the mine is standing on the bridge insane language and BSL that is signed with, as you can see there with the front hand in the mind standing on it. So you're not signing in word order, so that you'll see is the world order switches on BSL. Mrs. Okay, Things like is or the and the English Order has got the subject of Arab and the object and be sl sl of your own. So you have the object first in the subject and then developed. So so during the last sentence, the last census started into those and 11. And the thing was, roughly 12.5 1000 people in Scotland had said that they used. But you're saying language. However, with the centers in this last this last week, Actually, no, we're just being we'll find out. Hopefully, if the numbers have increased or decreased, we don't know. So it's quite quite keen to figure what the numbers are. Also, there are regional variations. Sports, if you see like accents know for myself. I'm from Glasgow. I grew up in Glasgow. However, having moved a number, I have to adjust some signs to be understood and know I'll give you an example. So, for example, in the weekend that same for Saturday, which is the hand and with the chin, that's the number of thing for Saturday. But in Glasgow, that's the same for Saturday, which is the finger over the news. So you see that you know Enbrel glass. You are just another way, but yet the same, they're different. Other examples, for example, are the cuff colors. There are 17/17 different signs for the color purple. I'll go through a few here, so if you see the way the hands down part, pull back your hands Purple. So three fingers purple. So So these are all variations that you have all over the country. So another thing on here is safer toilet. Know a see there. It depends on which school people went to. This is the these are all different signs. So there, differently. A regional variations on it depends with that person's from It's the signs that you've taken apart never said. For example, people from him up in Aberdeen of the London Manchester. Everybody has their own signs, which is part of your sail, but it is really nice to see that they have their own regional variations. A lot of death people have BSL Is that their first preferred language? However it's worth. But you know that no old days people say it's a good week. I think to you know, it's good. It's good to find out if if somebody just saying or not. So if you could write a cartoon and then I quit like that doctor and it kind of when it talks about this is this is just a BSL so you can see you know, it's different words, you know, if the world's New Dragon, you know, and on the right. Actually, you actually created the dragon soon. Same language. So it's It's a very visual language, so it's a seed wart. But there's different ways off promoting. And I think that cartoon it explains same language perfectly with the guys, too, and BSL users And who are they? No baby. The are death. It could be death blind on that could be healing. People themselves know he and people, for example, the baby have family members who are death with the appearance or death order of got siblings or or even Children who are death. And that's why we've learned same language. So they will be included as Bs all users. Now the VSL in temperatures themselves. They would be cause themselves on VSL users. And maybe some of them don't have any links with family in who are death. And then the vaccine just grew up and let the language on becoming temperatures from that out. That is the three. Yeah, it's not just lose three people that you know the three groups of people that are their arm. Or I think that's the the three. Here are the more recognized users off BSL. I don't know if there's if there's any questions, any wants to put the chance, and you can just feel free to just the anything. If there is anything if no well, go ahead. Okay, so with regards to um or huh, I think General, look at some terminology. A lot off there's there's a lot of different chemicals. You describe the person, so we have things that you think that acceptable or things are normal. Self example. Some news, death or different death, Blaine's or harder feeling so the loser can. Four. There's a problem. There may be some more, but those four are the more common uses off somebody who's got a hearing loss. No doing use hearing appeared. Oh, that's an impairment, even dump or deaf-mute. So this is that That's then going into the king of the offensive realm, friend. The Definity don't like No, I think he appeared, and it feels like there's something wrong with us, but it's like we're broke and Twitter's actually, you know, this is how we are. There's nothing wrong with this. This is our language we just can't hear. So I am aware that a lot off and clinicians still use eating appeared. However, if possible, and if you are working with a diff person, I avoid avoid that and even use. Use one of the arms on the left and I would actually recommend Ask asking the person What how do they cost by themselves, are the death of a definite definite lines or are the heart of feeling and just listen to what they see and generally is to try and avoid the three on the right to So maybe something will renew this, however, but with regards to the the the different types of deafness because it does very him. Through this respect from no visit. This is taken from the British Association off the ologists. And I'll give you, I think maybe ah ah, a better explanation. But there are they're different, different levels because of mild hearing loss tonight's and got moderates and severe on. Then finally, it's profound. So that that is the four levels of deafness know I'm myself. I am profoundly deaf. I can't hear anything at all them. If it was a car of gone past and keeping his horn, I wouldn't hear it. If there is somebody right next to the drum, couldn't hear it other. These four different levels and these are the levels of deafness. Now I've got a chart, hopefully in the next slide that you can show you. Now, this is a audiogram from audiology, which kind of explains the different levels, important people of what people can expect. So I've taken this from the, um audiologist website on what the call is the you can see the skin there. The yellow is basically the speech banana, and it's not yellow ship on the graph when they're talking. Look at the high frequencies and look frequencies off what people can generally here on the right. And so I I don't even see or not. There are different levels, so you have normal here to talk, then mild, moderate, severe on profound. So at the bottom, friendly deaf. So, for example, um, airplanes or Lawry's helicopters? Bruce Willis. So he's you you can't hear at all when you're close. Them know Hey, I'm passive you, for example. It was a helicopter overhead. You can hear it. We we can't, but I can't So with regards to the speaking and the sons are made from, you know, like the big D or B or the different frequencies can be difficult to hear certain letters. So for a person who has got a mild hearing loss, we might find it difficult to pick seven letters. And if that person relies on liberating, some words are very, very difficult to understand and pick out. So for example, it much and hunt. So the lip pattern is very, very similar. To see your mat and pat to what the person has to do is think right. How does this work and how does this how does. The context of this fit in was being said so, for example, the numbers 13 and 30 The lip Potter trying to literally that is very, very difficult and that, you know that could be quite important thing. So when you have a communication with the death person who uses liberating is maybe even take a new it's or write it down. So that is that understood because of depression? Can misunderstand because there are some words. You know, for example, the beginning of the end of the sentence you might get but the middle part that go into and they were trying to them work out What's what's being said. It is it Zaveri, very tiring to be able to lift, read constantly for a while. Know some. Some people have got AIDS, but help them with their hearing. And this is not, ah, a solution to make a a dead person become hearing it. I think a lot of people think that you gave me Is that a day person, for example, a hearing AIDS or a Coke or implant in the valve fixing? But that person is is still there and it's ah well, I suppose a little personal story about myself when I see videos online off when when the kids are babies are Children are he's sleeping? Teenagers get hearing aids and getting switched off for the first time? You know it's not. It's No, it's not right. It doesn't it's not. It's not the truth girlfriend when I got my copy implant implanted, but in months for it to get used to it from the initial switch join. It's not a case of switching on on It works. It's a sweet joint, and you have two months of learning and learning and learning what the sounds are. So yeah, that's sort of get off off topic slightly, But now some people might use hearing aids. I think the old analog units, um, were fine. But the new digital ones are a lot better, and there's cochlear implants. There's also it's called Baja, which is him. The induction is a bone induction, a hearing it, and you'll see that most people will either were standard hearing aids or cochlear implants. You know, for me am over 20 years ago, I was offered a single cochlear implant, you know, looks like a lot of younger people are being off a double locally implants, and that should eat with in the direction of sound. No, the the even through would have got the Cocker's. They're still death, and there are options there to help people here sometimes. So with regards to the communication methods that death people use, bridges in language is them is one you know that people are grew up with the use on a daily basis. BSL has its own structures on grammar. The second one is saint supportive English, which really is short in two S. C. So that is different from BSL. However, it it follows the English English word order. So, for example, if a child me because that means your school him who is using in addition with the cochlear implant, the be learned in the English order, it's not the seems BSL at all. It's it's not a language is such a lot. Is is just a communication method. Maybe the death person you're maybe like two saying the same time as the because so they will use state supporting Glick. Third one there. There are some people who will let cream, for example, Ah, a deaf person who doesn't sign and we'll rely on Lipitor. Just did, for example, is to say their their own. Just a z o r you, if you're doing If somebody has a is a little reader, you just slip vehicles slightly slower and cancel. It punished very, very slightly, and the fourth one is. What we cost is Tantillo. Be yourself to reverse the death. Blame tested, Um, it's similar to be a sale, but it's more hands on. So on how it works, it is able to chew us online. So, um, you actually do if it's if it's too sure this here. But so you have, ah, Death Point person who is sitting opposite the second person, and they will grab the will hold the death person's hands on you, saying it's normal. But what happens is that the one person can feel the movements, all that deaf person, so they will be able to feel the position of the hands and understand what's being said. So the super example that's probably useful for somebody who has become has become death or sorry to complain later in life, having being a VSL user, but somebody who's been born deaf planes. They have got their own. The same language, their own alphabet, which is hands on. And we'll show you the the actual manual alphabets for a same language to be throwing. But the death blamed manual Alpha bitch is old. Um, big touch on the palm of the hand, and that's that's That's very, very different. So hopefully that gives you an idea. I've just jumped here. That will do is we'll have ah, short just a five minute break just to give them and boosted after we break in this a few five minutes, 10 minutes find. Come back in 10 to 5. Okay. It will come back in here to there is any questions just sticking in the chat left. Hi. Sorry again. I think the mic is off. Still my apologies. Yes. Thank you very much. Yes. So hopefully much the, uh, short break there. So it's very, very briefly. We'll talk about the medical model off disability and a see this first mortal is looking. Though I'm sure that you might have seen this diagram online before that. Not just their people, but a lot of disability. Um, organizations. Look it. You know the issues that the disability is the issue, and I feel it's, Ah, pardon that there's something wrong with being It's it's my fault. It's, you know, there's I needed to deal with this myself. So it's, you know, for example, it could be century mental. But people look and see. Think it's I'm the issue of the problem. It's not the right attitude to have. It makes the person feel guilty. You feel that there's something wrong with me, and it's it's my fault. No, there's the social model of visibility. Turn it around, for example, for me that there's nothing wrong with me. But you know, people have a knish you with with me now as a person, and I have partiers I face on a dealer deal. You really life example, access information, attitudes off people, maybe difficulty communicating, and that's zero are issue. It's society's issue, and that's something that we're trying to solve is get rid of this virus and get rid of the values for him. Now. I'm not just saying this is just for people, but for people but a physical disability for people. Maybe we ought to user's can't act as buildings. Um, maybe not giving people enough time. Who we've got a mental health issues be given additional speed, sore time to quite space. So anything else conversations you have is have a look and just think about what a person might need just to make sure that that person who we could support that patient, that person, the desk possible possible. So with regards to the the two bodies eso the body is that our there's going to talk about some death and death blamed people. The body us that we've beast over over many, many years is access information. It's engaging with public sector staff, the the lack or the limited availability off BSL in be excellent temperatures. So in the next lane, or just him quickly go through this bit. I'm happy to know him walk about because obviously with regards to the medical context, have been thinking about if I depression booze, too, do the doctors and GPS hospitals or during the access information online. The the only access information is very, very, very difficult of No, I think a good example is the any chest inform website. They have made many men you translated videos off different and illnesses or for medical jargon that's accessible for deaf people. And that's been created because because Scotland, we have the act. We have the BSL act that's being enforced. But information for the any chest has to be translated in the same language. It's been done, so that's been a fantastic opportunity. So for a death, death blind person engages with stuff, and there have been a lot off suppose attitudes of poor attitudes that we've seen. I am. It's about a person might not know how to communicate or speak with a deaf person. Life bowling here and it's Ah ah website this. It's a website called the lifting, checking him and it's ah, it's a death blogged and I think it was, Ah, good job, boys and put up a block who's themselves got deaf signed there themselves. If, however, be a doodle wasn't able to go into the side, I think I think was because off of Cupid. So the our son had been waiting to find out what was happening and Mr Appointment because the staff chemo and show tid his name. He obviously could hear it and then just left him sitting there. So there's and this happens quite ah, launch on. It's because of the think, the lack of awareness and a lot of death. People are slightly anxious about going to the GP myself. Some things. If I go to the GP, I actually don't know if when they call me if they remembered or know that I'm death. Basically, that information should be on the medical records and trying to get that is quite difficult because I've missed a lot of appointments because, you know, they come in, check him and him, and I'll just be sitting there and not knowing if it's me or not that they're asking for. So it's, you know, we need more, more looking. It's that say the things and it's not just the GP is himself. It's it's it's all or farming stuff is well, Oh, John, bank for soy with regards to, um, communication as well, they're coming to repeat myself and so but working with staff because obviously start a lot of stuff during your hope they're saying on. We have to wait and find out if it happens, been booked once. If you look and appointment different appointments, boot, Then at that point is when you should be booking the interpreter because it does take quite a while for interpreters to to be booked. And so there's a lot of stages that need to be done first, so you don't need to check for interrupting rather than looking appointment. And this is this isn't just Scott. Why this is, this is you keep wide that there are issues with regards to to looking in temperatures on the the other actual connecting link. Fear for the limping chicken is that we find that death people going. Some things go to GPS because off previous issues and two now, um, because of the pandemic. And the only way that I can connect with the GP is by food to, you know, um, of us kind of text to email in there. Some people see, even was fine. But then it's not the same all over the board. So it's. It has to be an easier way for deaf people to communicate with the GP because you don't want to miss appointments. And that's something for us in for every to consider and also at the moment with, you know, find a tick fist coverings is our is that I don't overuse issue, especially with request to live reading. And it does seem to be some people are taking the facemask scored off, and I understand that obviously, in a medical and environment, facemask will be kept on. However, lip breathing I'm signing with your muscle is quite difficult. There are them. See if your face masks under our face coverings, which which are clear and it does help. That says, it was one way of being able to connect and communicate with and if people okay, So, as I mentioned earlier on just with regards to Scotland, the number off or the velvety of interpreters in Scotland, it's quite limited. Know we're looking at. Currently, there's warning temperature for every 202 100 people in Scotland, and that is is an issue. If example, if somebody's in an emergency and needs an interpreter straight away, it can be it can be problematic. So you're looking at probably a two week we'd list, um, trying to get, uh, you know, I interpreter for a specific date. So if you if you took an interpreter, there's gonna be 100 99 in Temperatures 198 people looking for interpreters, some meeting some some appointments need to interpreters. In fact, the case then obviously, the numbers don't come down. So I am. If you have a death person, just ensure that new book on chapter right from the start. That means that you will be guaranteed to get the communication that you need when you need it and make sure also, you have a book fully qualified and capture and not a trainee and not use something from a family. A treatment after isn't experienced enough, especially with medical settings, um off, for example, or a high sensitive situations. For example, please don't use a trainee interpreter again. Family members don't use a family member that concerning it. And we do see this in. This happens quite a lot, especially with younger people who have have to interpret for the appearance because have not been healthy in interpreter that we've used a son or a daughter on. I've put link of us well for you limping chicken that there is, ah, child, a daughter excited, interpret that the father had cancer terminal cancer, I'm and which is it isn't fair and know right in the emotional damage that cause it cost to do the child. And this has happened. No. Just once this happens, this happens and still does have quite a lot. So it's your best to get somebody who is a registered and kept it or not linked with the family. So as I said, if you can look in advance, there are two in registered to regulatory bodies is one which is the Scottish Register off language professionals for their community. So that's S L S R L D S s our health, PDC though it is in our COPD, which is the national register off communication communication with professionals. And if two they're different, two different over the means bodies that you can't sleep book your temperatures through. So if you have ah, death person with you, we Here are some tips and examples with regards to help improve accessibility an awareness If you have somebody with you, you just be sure that dilating is good. And if you're talking with with him, make sure that the lights are on your face and not behind. You don't sit with your back to a window because all it does it creates, ah, shadow on your face, which makes it very, very difficult for a deaf person to lip-read understand what's being said. Now try and make sure that your your face is well lit, and if there if there is light coming through a window, that's fine. But just make sure it's not really that hand you, and you can just, you know, cause a binder. A curtain if you're working with interpreters and the capital will be kind of in next you till the deaf person is able to watch you on to the interpreter at the same time and give you I contact us. We'll is the the interpreter trying. I think if you went to the within chapter, don't continue to do it. Could be a bit strange when you're talking to death. Person is no hearing you, but this thing tapped, it is hearing you it's difficult not to look at interpreter. You can look into that, but don't do speak to the interpreter to tell the person what's being said. Just you just treat is normally in the focus on the death person with regards to the room itself. If you can train, minimize noise For example, if our deaf person has that you need or are a cocker implant or if you have God's, ah, him in the loop, use it a taxi blocks any sounds from outside that loop. So if you can minimize any kind of background noise that would be fantastic with guys do communications. As I said, Oh, and just be sure that you you mean you know, I have I contact with mostly, I contact with the defensive, know, you know, talk to the interpreter. Deaf people, um, are very open and then watching him in good understanding body language. So a small professionals You you know this already. But if it's like if you got this can be about, you know that what? That kind of that. But we'll definitely across your body language, and you don't have to see anything going to be new assistant. Um, you can use different methods of interacting one we will be. You can write, know it's you can, right? For example, if you're having this conversation, maybe a car for a follow up, Um, you know, if you can write notes, but for the depression to maybe take away so they've got this information that they were able to do go back to and remember what was said. But again, do it huge used to much medical jargon and just make it more of, ah, clear and concise. Easy read it takes Avoid you mentioned Improve of acceptability is his face covering it. Just make sure that you are obviously at the safe distance. If you do want to move a face coming, be sure it's clear if he's shield if you if you can. And don't don't assume that all day. If people are the same. No of everybody's unique from example for myself. I do have a Coke implant. I am a sign language user. However, somebody else who maybe, I say a cochlear implant has a cover cochlear implant might know. Be a same language user. Ask the person themselves. What's your preferred method of communication? Ask them if they wanted interpreter. Ask if it does see in the new it's that the person is death. You think I need to go back and check to stay away from, like, not need interpreter so it can be quite difficult. But if from that said if you could make sure that you have that clarified of the preferred method of communication, not be very helpful. Um, if you're writing writing things down, just make sure you write it down in a more clear, easy read we for for the depressant. Understand? So what we'll do is, um uh, we don't have anything to teach a sandwich today, but then the these will be included in the the power points you can actually learned. Mm. I hope the finger spell with your your hands. And it's quite easy to remember the bowels because they used every single finger in your hands to your thumb, is he? Then it goes EEI Oh, you so your thumbs a that it's next. Figures eat. I owe you know, your little thing goes you now. Another little tip of school is if you are left or right handed, though I'm personally write hundreds. But if you think about in the sense that you're you're doubling hands is your especially you told your pain. Your left hand is the paper. So if you imagine your left hand being the paper, that's what you would use two point that so if you if you're left handed you told your pain with your left and that you're pointing that you're pointing kind on your right hand, which is your least on it. That's the paper so often gives you kind of off. Which hand do you use it? You know, if media of you can practice your name, it's Ah, it's a good thing. Just start learning to finger spell because if you meet a deaf person, they might, you know, no bigger spelling. And that is Ah, that's a good week off, actually getting across initially them if I, for example, be personally if somebody's awards and they can't ST or they don't know much and I don't understand them. And if you do a single with a G, I've seen the same GI and go, uh, I know what you mean. So just even blow things like those are good pointers. Good tips, just just to get started And learning the alphabet is is a good way to get to it. So how do you love yourself? Um, fingers figure spelling is that is a fantastic We are getting into it. Um, if you want to do it informally, you can the oversee formal ways off learning, you know, for example, the normals are learning it. But for example, if you wanted to meet somebody informally, then you can do that. But if you if you're not a formal setting, you want to have a conversation with somebody, you're better off. Just booking interpreter is to make sure that the deaf person on yourself has got a full access to information both ways. If you want to learn it, you know that's up to you. Think I mean, I would recommend that if you if you do want to learn it, go to ah, deathbed course. Students, of course, and run by a death and the shooter's. We have got a center of learning here, and university and brother in school are a deaf tutor. We teach the same language and you're able to register. Now there's different death organizations who teach PSL is well and some deaths jitters are freelance and you, if you sertraline, you get that information but also just makes it really won't just remember that regionally, there are different different and signs. If you book online, see, for example, with ah uh ah where a tutor from Manchester there's things will be based for that area, So it's nothing to be reminded if you find it online. Course finger where it is, because there's things will be slightly different from where you are really big test on the original variations. If if there's any question you want to ask him both, Learned is saying just seven email and him, um, just send me and I'll send your permission. Actually, I would love to teach same language, but I'm not. I'm not a sitter, so we're almost there, actually, and I think I'll give you some useful linked as well here and there. Morgue. And these are kind of the key links, if it's any more, an interest in same language in deafness and these kind of places that you can go to. And I think there's one in the middle. Vera, which is the same health am Web link fear. That's a death chart E. Based in England, a liver. There is a lot of useful information in there. That's something that you can have a look at their website, and it's a state health is great for you. Find a tick because in Scotland we did have the daily briefings with them. Nicholas, surgeon with AM in temperatures on screen. Note. That wasn't a kiss with him. Westminster to same health. What they did is they would make a summary off the daily briefing and then release it. And so that was I have to previous state health for doing that in June. The endemic these these are the links that you might find off interest. I think that's it from me. I don't know if there's any questions that you want to put in the chat door or ask and no, okay, we've got questions. Good question. We got to be so many. So much Bs Another saline, which is, for example, America. Same language understanding. Be it'll user. They're also bigger. Difference is the same. I was between BSL and countries of different languages. Culture, for example, the train, the same language. That's a fantastic question. Thank you, Erica. So BSL a seat here is used in Britain. Know America. Same language is different. Um, as I said with a gust, the alphabet Here it's 200 so it's a B C. In America, it's only 100 so it's a B C. So it is this different medicating. Sorry, American. Same language is different. However, if a deaf person is Ah, Sign has been the same thing with user going up, they might be able to understand somebody from a different country. But it's the desire what they call it, international sign. No international sign isn't a language. It basically boroughs signs from different same language is from around the world. So each country has the same language and and it's It's not language. It's more visual. So your find is that somebody who is, ah, world event with people coming from from older in the world. At that event, they will use international sign. It's more in gesture based, which leans into America, Celebrex, same language, French language. So so Each country does have the same language. But when you talk about cultures, him, the generally with believe that death culture, death culture is a similar older in the world. They're local cultures. Are are there local culture? So the Chinese culture in American culture, bridge culture, they're similar. However, however, death culture is very similar with a deaf person apology, the translational this I just got a little bit more, but no, thank you dot So thank you. That's a great question. So just just the intelence is well with regards to be a cell. So VSL is very similar to always line, which is a student, same language. They are very, very similar because still use use the same same language off a bit. So Britain, you Kia and still Yeah, I think it's a couple. Others use that at 201 is the general. I think the world for division off the death. So which is the B f D? You can actually look into the website on a lot more information with regards to sign language in different languages. Um, because you can has recognized BSL is a long A slanguage. Other countries don't. There's a lot of other countries that do it, recognize the same language. The World Federation of the Death of the FDA has got a lot of information on the website. Then you go in here the other questions before we wrap up. I think there's one more sleep there. We go to it. If if anybody has good, any questions that maybe later on they want to ask you them hopefully can see the even address. That's awesome dot Henry, that indeed or a c u k. Please, please send me an email with any questions regards to same language deafness. And thank you for having me here on. Hopefully you find anything? Something of a lot of use. And I appreciate your time. Thank you very much. Thanks. Thanks, Doctor is Well, thank you very much. Ellison on Bruce for coming to talk to us today. We really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about death awareness. I'm just for everyone else. He is here now. We're having our lunch break now so you can come back again at quarter past one for our next workshops on. We hope that you enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you so much. Thank you. Have a nice day.