Climate Change and the future of Medical Education - Dr Bláthnaid Scullion



This on-demand teaching session is relevant to medical professionals and offers an inspiring journey of learning and information. Dr Blob Carlin, a GP, mother, and equal campaigner, will give a talk on the climate crisis and why it needs to be incorporated into medical education. She will share how her background from a history loving family has shaped her perspective, and how understanding the past can help us make better decisions for the future. Join her for discussion on health implications of the climate, as well as possible solutions that we all can be involved in, and create a wave of change for the better.
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Learning objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Understand the history of climate change, the role of humans in accelerating it, and how this will manifest in the future 2. Explain the health implications of the climate crisis and how this will impact vulnerable populations disproportionately 3. Recognize the importance of medical education for understanding the effects of climate change and how to respond to them 4. Appreciate the role of a health movement in advocating for a just and green society 5. Develop the ability to make informed decisions about climate change based on research and evidence.
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stage with, like, tripping over. So that's a good start. And on the show fee familiar faces in the audience, which makes up here being away but last terrifying em. As always, said My Name's Blob of Carlin. And I'm a mother, a wife, a GP on a passionate, equal campaigner. I'm also the daughter off to retired history teachers have an older sister who's a teacher, a younger sister who's a teacher on the younger sister who is a nurse. So when fell asked me to come back and give a talk about climate change, a medical education, it seems like my whole life has really laid me to be here tonight. So I'm honored to be speaking out another matter, all events. So thank you for volunteering. So the saving and I'm going to talk about my climate journey, the health implications of the climate and why, at his vital that becomes ingredient in our medical education, regardless of where we are in our careers. As I've said, I grew up in a heist of the mother and father who were both history teachers. Sojourn our childhood. We spent our holidays Turin old Irish churches and learning about the history of the local villages. I grew up in a week time called Garden and Country Arm A, which is about 30 minutes from where we are here I am. So even a trip to the local playground involved some historical background. So here's a fun fact to get us started. Larkin Park is the second largest park in Ireland. Second of Phoenix Park in Dublin on Breo Castle, which overlooks the park, is known as a calendar hosts because it is 365 rooms, 52 chem knees, 12 corners and four wings. So these are the random facts I have in the back of my head all the time. So is this have grown up? If we were lucky enough to go abroad, we visited the likes off the Normandy beaches. We went to Beyer to say the tapestry on learned about the bottle of histamines when really, all I wanted to do was to dawn some my Sears and Prospect Disneyland like the princess that I waas on, that I still I'm to be. For so although these trips felt like a huge peeing and the are shut the time my parents talked myself on my three sisters, the importance of history and learning from her past that I'm a little bit older and hopefully somewhat wiser. I can see how those trips have shipped my thinking and influenced by every day view of the world. My knowledge of history has guided the decisions I make every day as a doctor, a mother. Ah, wife, A woman under equal campaigner, in the words of American author of Racial made History is important because it teaches else about the past on by learning about the past become to understand the president so that we may make educated decisions about the future. So here's a few more fun historical facts. Jean Baptiste shows before your first described what we know I know as the Greenhouse Effect and 18 20 we've been expanding our knowledge on global warming on the health of our plan it ever since. I think it's also worth noting that in the 19 nineties we saw the emergence of well funded, politically Bs body's promoting opposition to climate science. I'm not sure of any of you were following Cop 26. It was the recent United Nations someone on climate change and Glasko and in my opinion it felt a bit like when you pull it all night or the night before on exam leaders have had planting of time to act. The climate crisis has been creeping up on us for decades, and I I personally felt that inside the summit, leaders may not have shown the urgency or the ambition needed to truly respond to the scale of the climate crisis. However, I'd sight of it. People around the world took a stand on. Let the later since I know what needs to be done. Thousands marched in Glasgow, want to run the world, and they were very powerful speeches from indigenous leaders, activists and young people who made sure their voices were heard. But where do we start? Well, I began my equal journey of the New Year's resolution. I started a Facebook blawg AM called 365 ways to see if the Earth on the E. M. Was today a daily post about the simple small leak, a friendly changes we can make in our own homes. It was in a bed to improve my knowledge on the climate crisis, but also spread some awareness to everyone and anyone, really, that would lessen naturally as a doctor. That led me to learn and more but the health implications of the climate crisis, which then led me to health on climate justice, which opened my eyes to the Navy for intersectional transformative climate, justice for all Reeses, genders, ethnicities regardless of our geographical location as doctors on future doctors', our Hippocratic oath no longer just applies to the patient in front of us, but to those on the other side of the world who will suffer the worst of climate consequences despite the fact that they're contributing the least to the crisis. The hep a chronic both applies to future generations. Are Children, our grandchildren, who will suffer the devastating of fact of the climate crisis unless we act and the words of gratitude Berg. Young people must hold older generations accountable for the mass they have created. The mass we're continuing to create. We are living history. I honestly believe future generations will be learning about the Racing Car 26 conference in Glasgow on reflecting on this as either a turning point on catalyst for change that saved our planet or as the last messed opportunity to act on, take responsibility for our reckless ways of living. We need to approach climate change, medical education on everyday life, with open minds with that ridge, but with optimism. And I'm hoping today it that I can inspire some of you to get involved in the fight on. Together we can create a tsunami of change. To quote Billy, a journalist, writer, a novelist, Eduardo Guiliano disasters are called natural, as if nature, where the executioner and not the victim. The climate crisis is a health crisis. So what is vital that it is part of our medical education after all the knee for good, healthy night to Seoul, climate events increase forest fires, hurricanes, heat waves, floods drops, storms inevitably water, sanitation, nutrition, agriculture, access to highs in food prices are impacted, leading to health impacts on widening and equalities within the population. These events also lead to breaking point conditions, limited access to facilities on a breakdown and supply chains and resources. We've already seen the impact of covert 19 on Brexit that it has had on medication fuel on food supplies. That's only going to get worse. We already fist seasonal crisis, a chair, but the addition of covert 19 heart health service has never felt more destabilized. With our storm summers forecast to become hotter and hotter, we are facing the in Avital emergence off a second seasonal crisis in the summer months, heat waves already claimed hundreds of lives. Eight year odd raising C levels, extreme weather events on increasing spread of infectious diseases. As a direct result off the climate crisis, it becomes pretty clear that climate and health are synonymous. Our pollution is not comparable to tobacco in terms of number of deaths per year, or pollution is called in seven million premature deaths per year. The morbidity and mortality associated with their pollution is already costing the UK more than 20 billion times per year. And 2000 and the attain. There was a young girl age name who lived in south London. She had a history of asthma. UNDATED Following several 80 attendances and hospital admissions on the cause of death, our pollution the first ever recorded a such the UK This is something we are inevitably going to see more of in the future. It is estimated that nine and 10 people, brave and polluted, are each and every day and it is also estimated that between the years 2030 on 2050 there will be 250,000 access deaths as a direct result of the climate crisis. Our response to the climate crisis is the biggest health opportunity off the 21st century. As a mother on the doctor, I feel a huge responsibility for and commitment to, the fight against the climate crisis to be for this is no longer a climate crisis. It's a climate emergency health emergency on Realistically, we have less than 10 years to make a difference. If we get involved in placed in the conversation on free message as the health issue that today's, we have the opportunity to make a real difference. This starts with education. We can then mobilize and act on create tangible changes. Truth be told, the solutions are there. It is not the absence of future technologies that's holding our progress. It is greed that is feeling this crisis. We know that the top tan great great greenhouse gas omitting countries in the world kind for 70% off global emissions. We know the top 24 so feel companies who's relentless exploitation off the world's I'll gas and cold reserves can be directly linked to more than one third of all greenhouse gas emissions. We know the 12 off these top 20 politico open ease our state owned. But what can we do on the WWF's website? They could tan things we could do to help see if our planet So the first three of these are Number one. Use your voice. We are the first generation to know that we're destroying the warden's. We could be the last that could do anything about it. Speaking up is one of the most powerful things we can do, especially if it's to the right people. You can talk to your MP, tell him to commit to action. To protect our natural warded. Contact the bronze and you buy from Get them to tell you Hi there. Products are sourced. Use social media. This is one of the most effective ways to get brands to listen to you, to tell them what you want to change. It's not just about speaking to the people in charge. Talk to your friends, neighbors, cats, dogs, golds, colleagues to get them to make positive changes to speak up. Speak to everyone on make your voice heard number to be informed. Well, we're all here, which shows commitment to education. One rare another. But another great resource is met. Act dot org's medics Mission is to support health professionals from all disciplines to work together towards the world in which everyone control e achieve and exercise their human rights to health. They did this three research and evidence is campaigning for solutions to social, political and economic conditions with which damage health deep in health and qualities and threatened peace and security. They're building the health movement for a transformed of green you d health for a green New deal. Is is building a grassroots part health movement for a just on green society. When the priorities is the health of people on the planet over profit. You can also go to People's Health hearing dot org's unless into the testimonies off those across the world fighting against injustice, fighting for their land and fighting force arrival. Listen to their stories with intention. I'm sure them you can also familiarize yourself with you and sustainable development goals. The's 17 goals were adopted by all United Nations member States in 2015. They provide a shared blueprint for peace on prosperity for people on the planet. Nine. Into the future, a number three be political. Being politically engaged is not limited. Devoting on it's certainly not limited by how young you are every year, Morano. More young people are working together to show our political leaders, but they want to play my action. We need to ensure we hold our politicians a correctable. You can do that by contacting your local and payer representative or a tendon constituency meetings, where you will have the opportunity to make your voice heard if you feel inspired. If you want to help, or if you just fancy having another further discussion about the climate crisis, you can contact me directly via Twitter. I'm out Karlan, underscore Doctor or instagram at Planet Carlin. So to finish off, you were glad to hear. I want to quote at our rental. Roy. She's a political, human rights and environmental activist. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, Doctor Scallion. Really inspiring to hear a little bit about your journey on a mission. We've got a question from the chat, which is from Amanda, who said Thank you so much. Doctor Scullion, Do you think education about climate change should be incorporated into the education of medics inside and outside of the curriculum? I think it absolutely should be incorporated. All Medicaid, all education and scones, right from primary all the way up. Because inevitably, it's the young people. They were going to feast the consequences of the climate crisis. So I think it has to be a become to avoid the time across crisis anymore is health crisis. I don't think we have any other choice. Super. Thank you so much.