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This on-demand teaching session is relevant to medical professionals and will cover an insight into the experience of an academic F3 GP trainee. Attendees will get to learn from Dr Marks Trimble's experiences and reflections on the year. Join us to hear more and understand the process of obtaining a position and succeeding in a specialty training program.
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Learning objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Understand how to approach applying for a specialised postgraduate training program (the F3 program) 2. Describe different medical education courses common for F3 training, such as the TLS, ECF visa, and the University of Cambridge course. 3. Recognise the workload expected in pursuit of an F3 program to include balancing clinical training and academic components. 4. Summarise the resources available to assist in funding a program and the required documentation for application. 5. Analyse the implications of pandemic restrictions in terms of sufficient learning opportunities and patient care.
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wait for a couple more minutes, just for a few people to join. Probably get things started about five past. So if you want to get a drink or anything, uh, just be hanging out ahead of time is well, if someone literally anyone would just put posting the chart whether you can hear me just to make sure is broke us in, Okay? Just literally. Anyone who's viewing at the moment, just post the yes, in the chart. Uh, just so I know not talking to myself, that would be amazing. And then we'll get things kicking off in about five minutes. Thank you. That's amazing. Okay, we just work a couple of moments for anyone has to join, and then we'll get things started. It's a good evening, everyone. Thank you for joining us. Uh, welcome to the academic F three. This is Episode four of the F three Serious 2022 on. Don't forget to register for our other talks. We've got quite a few more coming up over the course of the next few weeks. Just gonna post a link to them in the chapped. Uh, that should work. Hopefully, um, so that's not We're going to hear from Dr Marks. Tremble Loss. Who's gonna be telling us about his academic F three doing a PG? See? There will be feedback form available after the talk so pleased for this out. It's really useful to us so that we can plan future talks and know what you guys would like. It's also really useful for Max to get some feedback on his talk, and it's very kindly given his his time tonight. So again, I will poster in the charts at the end. Onda will, um, send out by email as well. We're joined by Sergeant as well tonight. Who's going to take us? Um, dynamic notes. So if you want to follow along with those will post a link to them in the chart. In a moment. There we go. Thank you. Eso. If you want to click that, you can see things as they go on. We're recording this, so if you want to re watch it any point in the future or share with any friends, the recording off the chat will be. The talk will be online afterwards on. But last little thing, this is brought to you guys. Buy the portfolio clinic on metal put for the clinic is running quite a few things at the moment, one of which is their mentorship program, which puts training is in touch with junior doctors in training programs in different specialties. So if you want any guidance on how to get into a specialty, how to do the portfolio on what to expect When you actually start specialty training, go to the poor fellow clinic dot com Sign up for the mentorship program is a minty on. They could put you in search of the mentor who consent to talk you through that side of things. If you have any questions throughout the talk, each person in the chart I'll be keeping an eye on things on can ask marks a decent point. Um, without any further ado, I'll 100 over two marks. Um, thank you. Good evening, everyone. I'm just gonna quit that Lasix, um, slide show. So, um, like, say, this topic is academic free. When I was met, some currently A GP ST to and north London, Um, on my plan on just covering a little bit about my own background. So you understand why I chose this free on, then what I was like during it on be kind of reflections on the year because it was slightly didn't really turn out to, um I'm in in plenty of time for questions, because I think that's probably what Why you're here? Um, So, um I, um Max, I have a post graduate medical, uh, students I did an undergraduate in and asked me physiology first, that I worked as an assistant practitioner for a couple of years. North Middlesex, off. Uh, I'm doing part ST and diagnostic Radiology. I never actually finished it because I got offered a place on I did that in Bristol in. Graduated in 2017. Um, then my f one f two years I medical school. I wanted to do, um my anesthesia intensive care and emergency medicine. Um, so I kind of had that in mind where I picked my foundation placements. My left one was in Torbay in the peninsula. Diener e. I did. I t u care of the elderly and acute medicine. Um, I don't actually transferred my F two to come back to London, which is where I'm originally from on, but I worked in looting and Dunstable and I did the general surgery, psychiatry, and, um, a split off care of the elderly and acute medicines. I kind of felt, um I got quite a well round. It's foundation is, um, thoughts. What I was thinking in F two was I was going to get a free, um, you said free would consist off stuff. I hadn't done a smudge in my foundation years, which essentially was, um, emergency medicine. And if I could get more experience in I to you and anesthetics, that would that would be great as well. Maybe six months of each. Um, I didn't actually a prize for any training. Like training posts enough to I thought to myself. I just skip that and do that all in f f free, I guess. Um, and also maybe try and build on areas that, um, I really enjoy it, but didn't get quite much experience, is I was like, so things like teaching and, ah, colleague of mine down a PG said, uh, um, half of the university on he he got plenty of, like, simulation experience and designing stuff Site for a while. That sounds like something I'd like to do on wanted to look into that as well. So, um, these were kind of things that I was thinking about. I want it's working. London. Um, I went to emergency medicine on I wanted to do medical education. Um, whether that was only there was There's a different course years. I don't really know much about them. Somewhere distance learning some of face to face. Um, and I started looking for jobs. This is the website I used. It's not It's not the official. And he said any chest jobs website, um, I think it think it links to them. Um, on I found I just such a junior clinical fellows on just kept looking in around January February time. Um, no one. I don't really know anyone that kind of done that or if they had, that's what they told me to do. Um, because the most people most people I knew actually were low coming, So I didn't meat too many clinical follows myself. Um, I came across this joke. It was at the Whittington. It was a 12 month contracts. They said they would fund to my medical education course if I go on, so it's they would give me the study leave on day, would Fund, of course is is well, so, like a TLS or anything else related to, um, emergency medicine. Um, so then I looked into medical education courses. I just kind of Googled them. I knew a couple of people from that done the distance course in Cardiff. Um, art heard off the e C l one with Roll College of physicians. And also my friend had done the one in half a chair. Um, I any end up applying to UCLA one because they they accepted me, and I kind of just just went with it. I didn't really look too much into it if I'm being honest, but I always from a good university, Sure. That must be good. That was on. It was endorsed by real college of physicians. So, um, I just went with it s so I kind of Yeah. So this is this is about the application. Sorry, I I think between January and March, time off. This of the year. You want a prize. So if you want to apply for this year, you have a privately in January, March 2022 is an online application. You think because 90 lbs three actual cost of the course is for 5000 lbs. If you were to, um, from that yourself, you just kind of submit. See a cv of a cover letter saying why you want do that and what experience and how you're going to fulfill the criteria when you're on the course. Because it is obviously need access to teaching in order to complete all the assignments and someone and then refreeze is on. Yeah. Um, they Thanks. Active. Um, so this was my f free year. I had a drop of the Whittington in London. Small DJ Hospital, um, is a full time ST one misty to post the level of anyway, my part time MSC medical education uco a role college of physicians. The Whittington had agreed to funds that course. Um, that approved all the study leave. My study budget was kind of unlimited, but I had to kind of justify why I wanted to do it. Um, but the main other courses I really wanted to go on where? Like a TLS onda few radiology ones or ultrasound horses. So yeah. So that was it. Ready to go? I actually started? Um, yeah. In September, I took August off, so that was quite nice. Um, so yeah. So I did 11 months there. Um, it was quite a hard year, actually. Um, in reflecting back on it, I, um, learns a lot finitely on with the medical education course. I really enjoyed working you in emergency medicine. I enjoyed kind of kind of general is, um, off being able to do a little bit of everything. You don't know what is going to come through the front door. The learning curve was quite steep, having not done than it before. Really? I thought it would be kind of similar to acute minutes. And it's no, it's not really, Um, because you have to discharge patients and workout plans and so on. Um, and I had a good six months off education opportunities of the lost simulation. They're teaching medical students. Um, but it was possibly the worst right out of the words. Um, it was seriously intense. Especially with trying to fit in academic work around it. I had to do new most assignments. Yes. There a certain amount of teaching different styles different. You have different different types basically writing about, Um, there is also some research have to conduct research, which, actually, because of covitz got changed. So, um, I was actually in the process of probably around January February time off my free negotiating with them, reducing my hours, So I think, like, 70 80% because, um, it was too much. Um, but then kind of curve, it happens. Um, on kind of, I don't throw your older where things completely changed. Um, firstly, the course was kind of not not just pain, but it was changed from face to face learning, too. Distance, all the assignments had to be changed because we couldn't really teach in small groups or any at all. Um, I don't know what stage of training you A Maybe you were medical students, a swell and or F ones and, uh, you know, completely change the learning opportunities and the ability to teach at all. Um, the clinical size completely changed. We're focused on covert and pretty much nothing else. We're dealing with something we didn't know much about. Um, so so yeah. I mean, is difficult for me to say, uh, about the kind of, like final six months because it it completely changed in his head. Um, but, um, I didn't really need to reduce my hours. And yes, because, um, because the because so much change with covert, Essentially, you know, we were not down. We couldn't do anything else. You know, there's no social socializing, so I I just had I just did a long time of academic studies have finished off my assignments instead of doing a research project that was changed to, like, a literature of you and things like that. So, um, that's something I sent to bear in mind. Um, yeah. So that's something to bear in mind with the post fracture. It's difficult is if you're deciding you want to do, um, face to face or distance learning. Um, I don't really actually know if I've gone back to face to face with some all of thumb, they might have changed just standing. I haven't I didn't check him afraid, but I've got a list of courses at the ends that you're obviously more than welcome to use. Um, so I'm actually just we've got question quickly. Christie is just wondering, Did you have to negotiate the wettings into fund your Medicaid masters, Or did they offer it to every F three? No, I I negotiate that. I asked in the interview, um, with they would fund it and they They said they were. They said it's pretty generous with everything that must have really wanted you, uh, wanted you, I e I mean, it was on the job. Advair, They they seem surprised when I asked, uh, yeah, they were very generous with it, so I mean, it was like, and it being paid an extra four or 5000. I guess I didn't have to find it myself. Um, but my advice would be if you're going to do it with clinical work, probably. It'd about 70% clinical. I really underestimated how intense the rights that would be. Yeah. Um, and I really need a hit by now, I think. Yeah. So So, yeah, that that's my advice on it. When you Because obviously you're working through it. You in ago, she ate. We're reducing your hours and then cove it here. What fact? You think that had on you and the potential burnout Do you think over it helps in a way? Or was it that everyone was suddenly just throwing in your toe. Get your head's down and look in. How do you think it would have played out? Yeah. What kind of effect do you think of it? Had on your overall? Weirdly, I think, actually cover. It helps on. We went obviously, you know, complete nationwide lock down. Um, as everyone is experienced. So literally. I just came to work. I went home. There was no Do you have a lot of this? And then after that, actually was such, um I know I was able to get my work done. Yeah, I think they postponed it. And they even gave us longer deadlines. I think the course was due to finish in June or July, and I think they gave us till September. So all this kind of got extend it? Um, yeah. I didn't need to reduce my office. Actually, Yeah, that was the impression. I kind of got it words in your mouth. But I think that we all during this time it was just a very different thing. And then you say there was nothing else to do it. So I can imagine they probably did help, but he can't rely on a pandemic, Teo. I mean, it did completely reduce any sort of teaching opportunities there was in in the problem. Symbiote wasn't, uh It wasn't much way. We're kind of like preparing for covert. Um, yeah, those and someone. Yeah. Yeah, arts. You know, I was giving by weekly treat Orioles, and yeah, someone else, I guess, Teo medical students that medical streams were taking off a shortfall, um, part in the final year ones. But, you know, that's kind of informal teaching, you know, in the department. Yeah, for more teaching with you. So, um, and all the assignments got changed. I was supposed to do like, like, a survey interview, survey, and, you know, transcript ing and so island, you got changed to a little literature of you. Um, we were supposed to have skis kind of talking through different learning projects were done explaining likely Phiri behind, like the learning theory behind it on me in the end that we just write to essays off two pieces off teaching that we did with the testicle running theory. So completely changed. Yeah. So I I can't really give any advice about assume it's gone back to normal now, but would have changed it. So maybe, like, yeah, interesting. Yeah, but it was, um yeah. I mean, all it basically. Basically, I I didn't get a necessity. Only actually ranked London jobs, which was probably what city in the butt I did. A private GP is like a backup because I quite like General, is, um, on the actual peel off. Like your working hours and picking and trees and what you can do really appealed to me. Um, on I got offered a good job in London. No, it's okay. I don't Aggressively it'll um, So, yeah, that's where I'm at now. Um, so yeah, I mean, I was kind of questions about never questions the's all the resources If you wanted to look at post graduate courses, right. Thanks for that serving. It was a question of popping in the shop. I've actually got a few. So during your f three, did you do You just stuck entirely to the role that you were given in this? There was no kind of local mango or work outside? No, I I think I did like the occasional locum back on loose in adults double where I worked? Um, I have to, but I'll be honest. I was so Yeah, I weren't quite long hours, and they're very like antisocial twilight shifts. I didn't really want to do any more work. Yeah, Um, there was one person all my course that most most people were. Actually, I was one of the most junior people on the course. Most people registrars high level registrar. Um, but what? It was one other person that was actually doing like a locum, eh? Free back where they did their have to. And they were doing this a swell, um, that they had connections to get the teaching. I think if you were going to just do a round of locum free, I think you might struggle to get the teaching opportunities. If you wanted to do like, a PG said it was a time. Um, yeah. I want to get involved with teaching, and I think people that, you know, if you if you're a training after you get priority over it, Ready? Definitely. Yeah, I did a locum three basically, and I didn't do any real teacher options. He's drawing that you. So when you were going into your f three. Obviously, you were planning something that would be more of a career builder. Not in a year Out. Which is the purpose I took. Um, so kind of what? What planning did you do ahead of time? What steps did you take to make sure that you're after He was gonna be what you wanted it to be? Um, hum, think about it. Like I You know, I just kind of heard of people doing these kind of junior fellow jobs. I just kind of looked on. Any trips jobs every now and again just to see what there was out there. I think I know more now. Like after I've done it thin before, Actually. Always the way. Yeah. Um I knew, like, you know where we're at now. You see a china, they do those of a and he and six months I t u helps. Um same. Um, Rothbury. You just got to keep an eye on when they when they put them out. I think they usually I think January light January onwards. Um, because they're always recruiting these junior canticle fellows because they're so, um, usually they need their life. They they advertise quite low, but I I do that, you know, there are I want to use the I'll mass f two year. And I know that if you just spoke to the right, people there could effectively make her or you got the right person. So I think if you have a hospital in mind and you don't have any, you can't see any jobs where it might be worth just putting feelers out. Just talking to people. Because gospels that always sure of staff always shows of do need doctors on be given a little bit, you know, questioning if if they know that the interest is there a lot people just make jobs for you. Yeah, is very true. Especially in that kind of any acute met, So yeah, definitely area where they just They really need people. Always. There's always write you camps. Yeah. You know, any advice for anyone who is going to do with, um, about preparing for the interview and he advised for that, um I mean, in mind. Severe. I got asked. I got I got two clinical scenarios, so obviously go over that, and they asked me about the hospital on, but I wanted to work in that kind of department. Uh, so kind of have these kind of generic are, you know, kind of generic ounces. You can prepare for those quite easily, actually. Read up about the hospital. You know, if you if you wanted to do major trauma and your prior to the Whittenton, which doesn't do any, it doesn't. Looking for my only then they're gonna be like, Well, you have a prostate around. Jump. Ready? Yeah. Um but so make sure it kind of covers what you want to do on prepare for that like that. The clinical scenarios, you know, they won't ask anything. That's outside of your kind of level. Um, you know, I got kind of like an m I and something in college. Coach assist itis just They want to make sure you're safe. So don't don't go praying. He writes just in the matriarch Also help and work through a B C. D. A. How'd you doing? 80 work prior to your f three. What do you mean? So some hospitals? I know you're a little reluctant to hire people for work, I think in F three and above, if they haven't done an F one or two jobs in any now. Yeah, that's true from that North med. And it wasn't a problem because they were so desperate. So I got a lot of experience just from from working there. But had you do one and one or two in a No. Haven't, um, on's Yeah, they did say that. Oh, you haven't done any, but I just kind of say it's I've done it least six months. We may have done some intensive care general surgery in psychiatry, you know, I kind of Oh, yeah. It was kind of like No, no for for Acute. It was it was enough to give you a broad base. Is that? Yeah, that's the impression. I kind of got that. It's more of a at a nice to have them at the most. Have? Yeah, Yeah, they usually you know, if you say that you want to do a a knee and you haven't got any experience, they're happy to take you on a long as you you know, you you know, they know you're safe. Most apartments, you know, you have to run it by consultant or senior Reg, before you discharge anyone or refer. They needed a once a nose. Say it's pretty Pain is a good learning environment. Generally, Um, I think if you're you know, um, have your problem for a higher position. And I see you need to have any before You can't Just hoping for the inside. Yeah. I mean, we I did any UC health for my, uh, first year of GP. And it was one of the times I've learned the most by itself. I absolutely loved it. No, for me. Lifestyle wise, long term books as a six month rotation. Great upset. Loved it. Yeah, on Diced, I still go back to the Wisconsin and locum like they pay me, Let me do junior red shifts because they know that off right there. 12 months off, the more Anyway, my GP training. They had me kind of do. I want Andre know that I'll ask. You know, there is a way patients and someone things that went outside my conference. I'll just be like, You know, um, I'm gonna need some help if we're going to do this or something else with it. So, um, yeah, you know, Skirts is off. I really enjoyed my free it was hard. Still do it, but quite for me on it even carry a craving drink Thelarche Final Four for five months. Yeah. I mean, that's a pretty universal experience, I think. For everyone. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So I'm not gonna stop me. It's not personal against me in terms of portfolio during your F three year. What did you do for portfolio? You man? So, I mean, the PG said it depends what what you're prone for, but, um, the other stuff I was kind of gearing towards more of an anesthetic. Intensive care for for radio. I mean, the experience and any counts is counted towards it. Um, the bicycle, the PG, sir. Count towards it. I would have got any points when I applied in my free for it. You need to have actually completed and have this difficult. So, um, it didn't It didn't help while I was actually a prying the phone. 80 or less. I did get on to, um but I'm actually still waiting to do it because of Cove. It's great. I've paid for it. I'm never going to get reinvest. I have a, um like it's not a GP course. I've paid for it already, and I've kind of absorb. That has been nearly two years. Yeah, You just got to find the time that you can work into. No. Yeah. Just wait. I think it's gonna be in, like, six months time. They're finally gonna put it on. Um uh, Yeah. So, I mean, I could have got all courses and the conferences were counseled as well. So I wanted to go to medical education. One. Understand? I was counseled Go to the apathetic one. But that was that was cancelled as well. So it Ah, a lot of things were cancelled that I would have Would have made a bit more. Would have made a bit more of to the port photo if I reapplied in, like taking in Air Force A. Um, yeah, I'm on in terms of the PG, sir. Um, I missed it. You mentioned it, but how many hours additional was that in a in a typical week. So there was four. Usher. Yes, or I don't actually talk to you. Much in depth about is a face to face course. There's four modules. Each module heads three days off face to face teaching at the beginning. Okay on, then. You were kind of given an assignment for much away. To do a little If you had to complete a portfolio for the year is well, and that was just kind of keeping a record of oil to change. Well, we kind of reflecting back on it, using educational models. Teo kind of say why you did that. What you would do different next time. Well, what they go? Well, um, so, yeah, I mean, it was quite intense. I mean, I think I would at least unlike half a day a week on it, or maybe even a day. Um, but, you know, I was given a study that would include teaching time, I guess as well. Um, I think yeah, you could. I mean, you could put a lot of time into it. Um, I never went any further than diploma you can do. Um, yeah, you can only do four master's for that kind of goes on. So I really in debt for research on kind of right course, course design and things like that. And that's not really my interest. To be honest, I just wanted to improve my kind of teaching technique on developed end of developed more ways of learning things like that. Best best ways of learning for medical students and other doctors. Yeah. Yeah. Nice. Okay. Anyone has a more questions. Seems that look over quite long. Uh, Sergeant, how you doing? Yeah, I'm here. Actually, I have a question as well. Out of from academic point of view. What do you feel was the, um, the highlight of the best point? Um, out of the year from a purely academic point of view. Um, I think I did learn a lot on, like, kind of different strategies of teaching and the theory behind it. Yeah. And it has helped quite a lot. Ideo when I started gp. There's a lot of teaching opportunities, especially in general practice. I think I think it really has improved. Improved me to be honest on just knowing different things with different audiences and and different techniques you can use, I think I always used to just use, like, a PowerPoint presentation. Yeah, but now it kind of fight trying, various. Which I think, Yeah, he's good. Um, yeah. Anything you think you students that you work with have seen the benefit of, um I think they got to see me kind of trial of these different things. Like one week. I do like, you know, one technique. And next up, try and implement another name, probably. What? What is this guy doing? Yeah, because he keeps changing, but obviously aware that I was teaching and I was like, I did get feedback from him to say, Like, did you enjoy that? Did you think it was useful? Yeah. Yeah, I was in my first time doing it. Sometimes that was a bit high. Um, but yeah, I mean, it was it was enjoyable process. Yeah, but those are different techniques. Yes, it was. It was different. Useful? Yeah. And you said your assignments were basically literature of use, and you're due to have a nasty of the osteo was scrapped. So you're supposed to open all ski on the portfolio, talking about different teaching opportunity, different teaching styles you've used, Why I use them and the theory behind there and wise good, bad that called cancelled and got trained into two essays on basically that, but in written format, um, and then yeah, we had Ah, I think it was free or three or four of her assignments. One was supposed to be a research projects that was, you know, I was planning on after a simulation session. I was going to give in, like, a questionnaire and then gonna use the transcripts of that. It's a kind of a qualitative research, but I got turned into a little bit review because of covitz. Thea others were as two essays. It was a bit of a shock to the system. I didn't really say for a while. Yeah, yeah. Um, it was very removes. Quite research heavy. Um, so I would said say that if you know, kind of into the research side of it, I would look at the different courses because someone no on the uco broke a little positions. One is quite research as either one. I did. I know that the card if one and I think the Hartford your one, they're not quite as very based more about teaching teaching styles on that kind of stuff. So they really do vary. So I'd look into them and look at what you want to get out of it. Really before you before you decide which one you want to do. Yeah. Um, anything I'm any more. Any more buttons? Christian? Not brilliant. That was really, really good marks. Thank you. Uh, nothing more in the chat. So unless someone has more question, probably gonna wrap things up. Um, because you want to help me? No, I don't think so. I feel kind of cover anything. I didn't know what people want it. Specifics. But I thought if they did, they just ask questions. Yeah. No, it was really helpful. Really useful. It's good to know a little bit more about some of the other options that are, you know, available. It's wet. Three. Nothing. There's so much out there. I'm going to quickly now is a mentioned post the feedback form in the chapter on I will even go out So the attendees get a copy as well. Um, we are taking a bit of a break next week, so we'll come back off for fifth. So, um, which is gonna be the abroad f three on the sixth of April? I'll also send a quick link to that in the chart. Now, Uh, that should be really interesting here and from, um, a couple of doctors actually who worked in Sierra Leone have to inquire lot of other things. Um, if you wouldn't mind fill out the feedback form of sense on that, you'll get anymore what? That would be excellent. It really help us in the future and again be really useful for Max, who's giving his time to us. Onda just to go on again. The popular clique is still running the mental Manti ship program, So if he goes the poor fellow clinic dot com, you can register for that. Eso thank you all for joining. Thanks, Max, for giving us a great talk on. Yeah, we'll hopefully see you all in a couple of weeks when we come back for the road or three. Thanks. It's called sex once again makes That's not a Christian. There's always a reason. But