This on-demand teaching session is relevant to medical professionals and provides valuable information about employment entitlements, pay, contract details, and more. Attendees will gain knowledge about annual leave, sick leave, study leave, pay, pay bending, deductions, pensions, relocation and travel expenses, and locuming. They will also learn how to dispute any pay issues they have and will gain access to helpful resources.
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GUSS is proud to present our annual Zero to FY1 series helping 5th years transition from student to junior doctor!

In this session, we’ll discuss the approach to everything administrative from the point of view of an FY1 so you’re prepared and have an idea of what will be expected of you working as a new junior doctor.

This series is aimed at 5th-year medical students but would be beneficial to anyone currently on placement anywhere in the UK.

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Learning objectives

Learning objectives: 1. Understand the procedures and entitlements to leave for medical professionals. 2. Recognize the differences between base pay, bonuses, tax, national insurance and pension deductions. 3. Appreciate the obligations and provisions laid out in the medical contract. 4. Appreciate the financial reimbursements and allowances available to them for relocation and travel. 5. Comprehend appropriate locum pay and educational/study leave entitlements.
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Oh. Um okay, so, hi, my name is J just um working as an F one at current Lizabeth Hospital at the moment. And so we're just going to run through a couple of administrative things. Um Just about your leave pay. General Doctor contract as well as your rota who so kind of running through a couple of like leaves and all leaves sick, leave, study leave and then about the pay. So basic pay as well as the bending supplement. Um It would be your gi doctor contract, which is, which is going to be pretty lengthy, but it's a couple of resources that we could use and lastly would be bricks. So first is leave entitlement. Um So for an Aleve, you're entitled to 27 days. Um So that kind of roughly about nine days per block and some hospitals or some trust they do use fixed annual leave. Um So that really depends on what specialty you're going to, what department you're going to as well as what the hospital usually does. Either that or they could be a flexible kind of annual leave where you can either you can request it via the um rotor coordinator or service manager or whoever is in charge of the road are basically. Um, so that's a little bit more flexible if you do want to request your annual leave, I would say request it at least kind of six weeks in advance. Um Yeah, so that just kind of gives, give them a little bit more notice really. Uh, if you do get annually assign and it's not what you want, you could technically sort with other f once. Yes, just try and find someone who's willing to stop it with you. Um Yeah, and then sick leave. So you're technically entitled to 20 days. Um So once you're sick, just notify, um, you can go supervisor wrote a coordinator as well as your kind of f once they're on the job with you at the same time. So you can self certify for about between 4 to 6 days or six days would be the maximum that you don't need to show kind of like a doctor's note, more than seven days. You would have to produce some sort of evidence. Um, it is not your responsibility to arrange cover when you're sick. So that should be the on the admin stuff to really arranged cover really like, um, so you are entitled to 20 days of sick leave. But then because as an F one, you are, um you need a certain number of time of training. So 20 days is kind of your max where it includes both your sick leave, compassionate leave as well as if you're going on strike. So, if you are not at work for more than 20 days, they could kind of um, trigger some sort of like meeting with your supervisor and whether you could discuss whether you could pass this block or not. But I think it really depends on why you're not in, at work for 20 days, more than 20 days. And then you could just kind of discuss it with them. It's usually flexible, if not. Um Yeah, but I think it depends on your supervisor as well as the trust. But yeah, 20 days is kind of the max and then study leave. So you are technically entitled to 15 days of study leave as an F one and where you could do research, teaching examinations conferences as well as if you're going for some sort of training. Um Some mandatory training is not counted at six. It's not going to study leave if you want to arrange a study leave, do it at least six weeks in advance as well. Make sure that's appropriate staffing on the ward. Um But study leave depends from trust, trust as well. So Scotland is quite different from England. So England, you, you can get study leave for us um where I'm working, um the best of Scotland as an F one, you're not really entitled to study leave. So I think it really depends on where you're going to work and what the trust kind of arranges for you. But yeah, if you do get studied, if you do get 15 days, um, next six days in view. So public holidays, bank holidays, uh most of the time you're rostered to work on those days. Um If you are, um, you could take them off um, later in the block. So for example, if I was working on the king's coronation, um I could take the day off maybe next week or so. Depends on. So you have to make sure that there's at least minimum staffing on the ward and, and let your rosa coordinate to know um to arrange those days in view. So if you're working that day, you get it off. If you're working on, if the bank holiday, if, if it's counted as you're zero day, you get it off as well. If you're starting nights, if you're finishing nights on that day, you are able to get it off as well. And next would be, so what I've not covered would be kind of maternity, paternity, shared parental leave. Um That depends from trust to trust as well. So different trusts will have different kind of um days we can take such leave and then um less than full time people, I think they have different leave days as well than all time. And it depends on the trust as well, whether you could carry over an Aleve and also depends on your rota coordinator really. So next moving on will be pay and bending. So, I mean, this table, so this is just basic pay. So if you are unbandage, if you work only 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday, this is kind of the basic pay you should be getting. Um So it depends from where you're gonna work. England, Scotland Wales, not in Ireland, slightly different. Um So pay bending. So pay, bending's mainly for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland because I think England recently uh then no longer they got rid of the whole bending thing. Um But yeah, so if you're bended, um for example, if I am banded as one A so if I work between 40 to 48 hours a week, most of it is anti socially, you get 50% pay bending. So it will be written in your contract about which Ben you are going to be it. And if urine banded as an F one, you do get a 5% of leave. So, yeah, for example, if I'm bending as one A should be 50% of my basic pay. So if I'm getting um 2350% of that pay, that's going to be your pay supplement. Um Yeah, so that's the link for um England because they recently got rid of the whole bending thing and then they have the nodal thing now. Um So it depends on where you're gonna work and depends on the trust as well on how you're going to get bended. Um, so if you're bending disputes, so if you find out that you're going to be working actually more hours than your bended, um, that's a whole guideline on how you should be kind of fighting for your own bending. Um, depends on trust, the trust as well. Different Dean Aries do it differently. There's different people. You should escalate it too and yeah, so uh just kind of find the information on kind of disputing the bending. Mhm. Um Just some information with regards to pay. So other than income, you do get deductions from your pay slip as well. So the biggest one would most probably be income tax. So tax code for most people in Scotland would be 1257 L and so you do get tax free allowance for the 1st 12 grand after that you get text for 20%. So that's the basic rate for um everybody else except Scotland and then Scotland has their own little difference. Um income tax spending, but it is largely the same swiss other 20% or 21%. Um depends on how much you earn as an F one as well. Um Next would be national insurance is going to be another thing. Um So depends on what category you're in. So if you're in category A, it should be written on your pay slip, which category you're in and then it depends on how much you're going to be deducted off. Um, there's a hole on the government website. It should kind of tell you exactly how much you're gonna be. Text and stuff. Um, yeah, and then the next one be pensions. Um, so you can choose to opt out of the pensions. Um, there's a whole form you have to fill in and stuff, but if not, then I think most people get 7.3% but it is written on your pay slip as well. Um Just make sure every month you make sure your text correctly and make sure you're not being text in another text spending. Really? Yeah. So the next thing is the contract. So you will, you should be sent to your contract before you start F one. Um It's long, it's a long contract and there's a lot of helpful resources in helping you to understand um all the logistics of it. So there's a handbook by B M A for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And then it's a separate one for England because they're under like a different contract and, and BMA also offers like a contract checking service so pretty handy if you need help with anything. Um So kind of them, there's a lot of things to consider um when they send you the contract. But I think the biggest thing would be just to have a look at the working patterns. Um hours of work as well as what you're banned. It is and what monitoring is going to be. You know, I think those are the biggest things that you should keep and look out for. I think the next thing is removal expenses. So most people don't know about this. So if you're relocating somewhere else for F one, your trust should be able to reimburse you with the expenses. So for example, if I move from Belfast to Scotland for work, you do get money back for shipping all your things over for finding a new house and for traveling over to Scotland to find a house. Um So it depends on the trust and they all have guidelines on what they want to. I mean, what they would reimburse you on. So get the form from H R or the, I mean, um team from your hospital um feel in the form and you should be reimbursed. Um Yeah, next would be travel expenses. So if you are, so it depends on what base hospital you're at and different trust have different base hospital. Um So you can, this, your trust should have like kind of a guideline for you as well. So how many miles they would expect you to need to travel for before they reimburse you with certain amount money and how much would it be? Um Yeah, it depends on trust but just keep an eye out for it, make sure you're aware of how much they would be able to reimburse you. Um, next would be low comming. Um So you are able to locum as an F one, the rates differ drastically between different cross. So sometimes you do get more money in certain places where some places you don't get as much. Um, so that really depends on your local hospital. And then the next thing would be if you locum, you do, if you look, um, quite a bit, you do accumulate and Aleve as well. So you could get those annually paid back. Um Yeah. So I think they don't really advertise that as much as well. So if you look on quite a bit, you do accumulate and Aleve where you could get it picked back in cash. Um Yeah, next would be so bricks entitlement. Um So you should be getting at least 30 minutes of break every four hours without interruption. That's pretty rare. Um, their nurses do call you for certain things. But yeah, have a break every four hours is what they recommend. Um And then in England, slightly different. So half an hour and for five hours and then, yeah. Mhm. It also kind of depends on when you're getting monitored as well. So just double check with the Dean Ary on what they expect you to be. What I mean, how long this, but you do have a break for how long this, but you to get lunch and yeah, stuff like that and yeah, so rest requirements. That's between the shifts that you're working for. So, you, it's the same all across the board. So, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, in England, they have the same requirements. Um, so you should be getting at least 11 hours of continuous rest every 24 hour period. Um, yeah, it's just a couple of things to take note of, but most of the time your wrote a team would have taken into consideration all these requirements and you could check it yourself and just make sure it's compliant to make sure that the Rotas compliant. Um Yeah, and sometimes if you're asked to like cover certain gaps, you should be able to get back like sudden rest, rest days as well. So if you're asked to cover like a get emergency, get, you should be able to get rest days back if you're not getting the minimum required amount of break. Um Yeah, that's about it. I think most the bulk of it would be just finding out what your trust. Um really the guidelines are because it differs drastically between different trust and, and different Din Aries as well and all across the board between England and Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. You are quite different. Um Yeah, so I think just have to get in touch with your local admin team and find out how much or if I have any questions. Really. Um But yeah, so I've got my email there if you need help with anything, if you have any other questions, um If you have trouble finding certain resources, just drop me an email and I'll be more than willing to answer and help out. Thanks very much. Um So there's the feedback link in the chat. Anyways. Got any questions. I think somebody has put a question in the chat. Uh uh Yes. Uh So they should send you, they should send you your contract. At least I would say July, they should have sent you your contract by then. Um if not when you start working. But uh you could send them an email if you know which hospital you're going to work if work in or your Dean Ary, you could have a look at their website and get in contact with either the H R team or the administrative team and ask them about, yeah. Ask them anything. They should be able to respond back. Does anyone get any other questions? Yeah. Just pop the feedback link in the chat and very much appreciate your feedback for J and also for us who are running the series. Mm. Otherwise have anything. So, yeah.