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Join us for this on-demand teaching session to learn the fundamental principles of neurology and gain insight on the most up-to-date medical literature related to neurologic disorders. Our interactive session with Dr. Michael Can Trees will help medical professionals provide better care for their patients along with growth in understanding of neurology. Get ready to end your neurology-phobia with us!
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A podcast about everything neurology! Join us and learn more about common clinical scenarios, the newest studies, challenging clinical cases, and more. Reach out online! You can find me on Twitter @DrKentris or send an email to theneurotransmitterspodcast@gmail.com.


The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of any associated organizations. The information in this podcast is for educational and informational purposes only and does not represent specific medical/health advice. Please consult with an appropriate health care professional for any medical/health advice.

Learning objectives

Learning Objectives: 1. Identify fundamental principles of neurology and their importance in providing care for neurologic disorders. 2. Develop an understanding of recent developments in the field of neurology. 3. Intuit key considerations for treating neurological disorders, such as appropriate diagnosis and prognosis. 4. Analyze how patient engagement and participation are important to successful outcomes in neurological cases. 5. Interpret the latest literature and evidence-based research related to neurology.
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Welcome to the neuro transmitters, a podcast about everything related to neurology. Maybe you never had much exposure to neurology in your training or you just want to learn more so you can provide better care for your patience. Maybe you don't even work in healthcare and you're just curious about what are the thoughts and decisions that go into taking care of neurologic disorders regardless of your reason. My goal is to bring you that information. There will be talks about basic principles that are fundamental to the practice of neurology. Updates on the most recent literature, interviews with people from the community, as well as experts. I'm your host, Dr Michael Can Trees and we're going to get to work on ending. You're a phobia.