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Join medical professional, Darshan Gandy, in Leeds and Leicester for the NPA Masterclasses that focus on enhancing your pharmacy services delivery. These Training sessions will offer practical skills and deep insights into patient care in a secure setting. Boost your expertise and confidence, understand strategies to optimize your team's contribution and prevent staff burnout. Secure your spot today for this enlightening, free-of-charge series.
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📢 Are you ready for our masterclasses in Leeds and Leicester?

After the success of our recent member events, we're excited to announce the first of our series of free member masterclasses with Darshan Negandhi, NHS Clinical Pharmacist.

In these masterclasses you will get the opportunity to:

✔️ Strategies to optimise your support staff’s contributions

✔️ Minimise the risk of staff burnout

✔️ Ways to save time and boost earnings

✔️ Network over breakfast

✔️ Meet colleagues

✔️ Level up your Pharmacy First England knowledge

Interested? Register now to confirm your place here: https://lnkd.in/e7jYCXvz

Learning objectives

1. To understand and implement the practical skills necessary for providing top-quality patient care in a pharmacy setting. 2. To gain insights into secure healthcare service delivery and its importance in the everyday operations of a pharmacy. 3. To develop strategies and techniques for effectively managing pharmacy support staff and maximising their contributions to the pharmacy service. 4. To build confidence and expertise in pharmacy services, enhancing the delivery of healthcare to patients. 5. To learn about and develop preventive measures to minimise the risk of burnout among pharmacy professionals, promoting a healthy, productive work environment.
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Hi there. My name is Darshan Gandy. Joining me in Leeds and Leicester at NPA Masterclasses to ensure your pharmacy services delivery. I will be running training sessions designed to equip you with the practical skills and insights needed to provide excellent care for your patients in a secure setting. You'll leave with increased expertise and confidence along with strategies to optimize your support, staff's contribution and minimize the risk of burnout, book your free place today.