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how to study vascular guidelines in 2024



Join this insightful on-demand teaching session for medical professionals on how to effectively study vascular guidelines. There will be detailed tips on the benefits of using a digital document rather than paper, specifically how to use Microsoft OneNote as a tool for record-keeping and studying. This includes the unique strategy of using different colors and symbols to mark important points and the use of a digital pen for better understanding and memorization. A highlight of the session is an exclusive instant-access to a comprehensive 'Vascular Guidelines' digital book, organized per year and type of guideline. Moreover, the speaker demonstrates the usage of Artificial Intelligence summarization tools to reduce lengthy guidelines into manageable summaries. This session provides a unique approach to studying vascular guidelines that is convenient, efficient, and beneficial to your clinical practice and patient interactions.
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this is a short lecture to show how to study vascular guidelines and remeber them well in 2024 and how to use digital note taking software to do that free

Learning objectives

1. Understand the importance of studying vascular guidelines for patient benefit and decision making in clinical practice. 2. Learn how to use digital software, specifically Microsoft OneNote, to convert paper guidelines into digital format for easy accessibility and storage. 3. Develop skills to utilize digital work tools like a digital pen to highlight important points, add notes and mark points of interest for efficient study. 4. Understand how to organize guidelines according to the year and source, and how to use artificial intelligence summarization tools for a concise review of lengthy guidelines. 5. Acquire knowledge on how to share study materials using QR codes, and appreciate the relevance of this in modern day peer learning and collaborative study.
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Uh my dear vas colleague, I thought to share with you how I study vascular guidelines. Number one, I start by uh to have all the all the good intention of studying heart, the benefit of the patients. Secondly, I recommend you to use digital uh document rather than paper, document or books. And I use as you can see here, Microsoft one note which is a free application that you can convert any paper into a digital note and it will be saved uh life, it will not be changed and it is accessible from your PC, your ipad. And um I think I also use pen while studying, I think this make it much easier to use a, a digital pen and with digital pen, you can write a anything you want. If you want to add a certain sentence, you can uh you can just add it and uh it will show and it will mark, I usually put yellow color as a highlight uh for important information. Not all the document was going are important, especially the day before the exam, a month before the exam, you need to read these important points, you need to hori them very well. What is extremely, very important? I put uh the line pink and um II usually put a star on the important points. So whenever I got an important point, I put a red star that this is important to remember. Costco guidelines is essential for you in clinical practice and decision making and in the exam as well. So here uh I have created a book which is called uh Vascular Guidelines. Uh Here is a book and I divide it into arterial venous vascular axis and aortic uh guidelines. As you can see in the aortic guideline, I add pages and these pages are, all of them are aortic guidelines because there is every couple of years, there is new guideline, either between European or American guidelines of collected all in one basket. So you can go through them. I usually start by the year. So this is 2017, Thoracic aortic guidelines. This is 2024 Aorto area guidelines by the European Society of Vascular Surgery and the American Society of Cardiology. Uh 22. So you can see all the guideline is very easily accessible uh for you in a digital format. II also use a summarization tools uh of a arti artificial intelligence. And this will give you a summary of guideline instead. For example, the Thoracic uh Thoracic guideline is about uh I think about 60 pages. So you don't need to read 60 pages before the exam. You can just read the summary which include most important point. And I will also share with you all this uh uh book uh with this QR code. If you scan this QR code, then you can have an access to all my vascular guidelines. And uh hopefully I will start to study them one by one and uh let you know uh how we're going to study vascular guidelines. So if you scan this QR code here, I will try to large it like this. If you scan this QR code will have a direct access to my notebook, uh all vascular guidelines and uh professor as they have very nice project to teach vascular guidelines to all vascular student. And hopefully, I will do my part and try to show you how we are going to study vascular guideline, keep permanent record of it and how it will become easy to memorize, easy to understand and easy to grasp. And um I hope uh with this, I have shown you how uh I study vascular guideline or why you study routine. I think using a pen is, is very important and crucial digital pen uh because it will increase the amount of your memory and increase the amount of you grabbing information. So uh digital one note, digital pen and all vascular guideline in one place with uh neatly division. And hopefully we're going to start to take them uh by, by, by. I wish you all the best and I hope this will benefit for you in your clinical practice and your study and to deal with your patient. I wish you all the best.